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Ask H2G2

Please Note: this is not the place to ask questions about h2g2. You should do that in on our Feedback pages.

Ever had a question and not known where to find the answer? Ever had an answer and been dying to tell someone? Then Ask h2g2 is for you.

This is where you, the Researchers, can ask any other Researchers any questions that you want to know the answer to. That's anything, anything at all. If you have a question you want answering, just start a new Conversation below. And if you know the answer to anyone's question, you can reply in their Conversation and help them out of their misery.

Other h2g2 Forums

  • SEx - Science Explained: This is the Forum to pose tricky questions about the way the world works, and to put forward some theories of your own.

  • Games Room: This is exactly what it sounds like - a place for playing puzzles and word games with other h2g2 Researchers.

  • Miscellaneous Chat: A page where you can simply chat with other users about anything you like.

  • How Do I...?: Find a different kind of answer. If you want to know how to do something - anything - ask away.

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