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SashaQ - happysad


That is fascinating about allergies and cooked versus raw fruit. Similar with vegetables - eg the flavour of raw celery is too strong for me, whereas cooked celery is totally different!

Today's PH is the old chestnut of trying to do something online and being forced to telephone only to be told by the automated voice that I should be doing the thing online... Luckily I didn't have to spend too long on hold this time.

Petty Hates

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I've had that rather a lot lately and even doodled about it smiley - biro.

My PH is how difficult it is to give away to anyone or charity something virtually new. I've tried advertising it on the local facebay and people have said they'll come to collect it and don't, then after a month I thought I'll try and give it to charity shops, but none of them accept children's toys even if unused, so that leaves the tip, where they don't have a recyclable plastics section and everything has to go to landfill.


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Baron Grim

I was going to ask why, but it didn't take me long to figure out that yeah, toys can be filthy and covered in bacteria.

Here's a handy list of other things resale shops may not be interested in taking off your hands.


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You can call me TC

Don't get me started on throwing things out. There are so many hints, tips and hacks all over the internet about how to declutter. That is not my problem. I have dozens of bin bags full of stuff I've decluttered, but it's the actual getting rid that is the problem.

Selling on local websites or even with small ads in the paper is nigh on impossible or at best, a huge faff. This is technophobe, paranoid Germany: people read newspapers and small ads, pay for things with cash, and don't give stuff away.

Charity shops do not exist - at least not within 40 km of where I live. There is an Oxfam shop in Karlsruhe which is over the Rhine and about 40 km away. A friend of mine volunteers there. Some donors bring their stuff and then ask how much commission they charge! They just don't get it.

I am beginning to find a way to get rid of stuff, so now I just have to heave all my dozens of 120-litre bin bags down from the loft and start unpacking them and finding homes for everything. Each item individually.

So my PH is partly the mentality of the Germans and the system here, partly my own inability to get going with this.

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I've got the same problem of how to dispose of stuff that I'm sure someone might like to have. I'm not even bothered about getting any money for it.
Did manage a few items via Gumtree. Took a load of books to a local charity shop (3 trips from car to shop with sack trolley) but felt a bit embarrassed as I'm sure many of them won't be saleable in that location.
If only there was a charity that would sort all our stuff & find good homes for it.

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