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Given ten years to live - fifteen years ago!

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Thursday 20th Aoril 2008 8.20 GMT

Dear st. Mk11

Thank you for the very accurate and correct article on heart conditions.

In 1994 I had an emergency double bypass. The angiogram showed an aneurysm in my left coronary artery.

I had suffered from all you described, had all the treatments, but it was not until I had the angiogram that events moved swiftly.

the only problem I now have is I still have very high BP. I have decided not to worry about it, but take all the necessary precautions, and enjoy life I have relatively few medications, but am certain that the fact that I was advised to take 75 mg. of aspirin once a day - I somehow have gravitated to twice a day!! - is a very real reason for my being so well.

I lead a very quiet life, live by the sea, and am a very very happy 80 nearly 81 year old.

Diet is a critical factor - I only only drink a well known French bottled water which starts with an E. - do not smoke, drink alchohol, but I have relaxed and take the occasional chocolate - which I love. !! Have started to drink real coffee again as I read I is good for heart patients. !!

I went to see my cardiologist about a month ago and he said I was "good for a long while yet!". As long as I do not "lose" my mind, I hope to be a relatively "useful" member of society for a while yet.!

I believe that I was offered and totally refused to have beta blockwers. I had read about them on the internet and they sounded absolutely ghastly. !!

I developed an allergy to the type of BP medication I was taking, and stopped taking it much to the real fury of one of the cardiologists I went to see locally. He nearly booted me out of the room. On the whole, most of the speciaoists allow me have my varrious vagaries, !!

Thank you for your very good article.

AlsoRan 80

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Given ten years to live - fifteen years ago!

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