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Very Nice. A similar theory that you might want to add is that the Universe is an Infinitely large place. Therefore there are an infinite amount of planets. Therefore there are and infinite amount of inhabited planets. Therefore it is logically impossible to deny theexistence of something. Person number 1 says: Vogons don't exist. They're just a bit of fiction. Person 2: Prove it. Person 1 goes out in a space ship and searches the galaxy to prove they don't exist. Because of the infinite size he will never prove they don't exist because no matter how many planets he searches, there will still be an infinite amount he hasn't searched. Therefore logically, everything we can imagine or learn about in fiction does exist somewhere. So all these characters in books could live on another planet called Earth where everything is the same apart from it is inhabited by these ficticious characters. As no one can prove it wrong they logically exist.
This handy little theory also proves that God doesn't exist. Logically the Babel Fish exists in an Infinite universe, so then all you have to do is refer to the Non-Existence of God Theory in the Guide.

I've ranted on for long enough now. I'll sleep for a while.


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Dude - thankyou!

For starters, someone has actually bothered to read the junk I write. And they've proved it by responding!



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I've added your bit and some more.

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