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The following definitions were collected by a researcher called RingoZingo who has this to say about himself:

I am not an authentic "ringozingo".... I am a world traveling globe-trotter and have been on many adventures & misadventures in my terrestrial excursions.... I am proud to now be an official researcher for the actual Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy... Although I have been acting like one for years.

I used to carry an electronic pocket databank in my satchel a la Ford Prefect and go about collecting miscellaneous street jargon, bits of argot, and colloquial vernacularisms that I overheard,(I encourage my fellow researchers to behave in this manner as that is the proverbial point here and it is oodles of fun moreover) some of these gems have survived the test of time. I ever so hope people will find them to be a gas and begin to incorporate them into their own vocabularies, thus ushering them into the propriety of mainstream decorum.

Jarvonting through the Hixx

smiley - magicJarvonting through the Hixx: Happy-go-lucky Traveling with the intent of purposely getting lost miles away from home and trying to find one's way back to familiar settings after the care-free joyride. A jaunt through the sticks. Meandering over hill and dale. Gallivanting all over God's green earth. smiley - earth As in, "I am so glad we didn't run out of petrol while jarvonting through the hixx."

Haggle my Jaggel

Haggle My Jaggel: relentlessly assassinating someone's ego by incessantly ranting and didactically venting in a condescending filibuster-like manner in order to get on the very last nerve of another person, usualy a close friend or loved one. Heckeling one's red hackles. Haggling someones Jaggle has been known to induce Frantic Fits (See below for a definition). Example, "...I told you so." "Quit trying to haggle my Jaggle!"

Frantic Fit

Frantic Fit: A momentary lapse of composure,resulting in a breech of decorum marked by visible but non-violent temper tantrum.Lasts for 4-5 seconds. Akin to a Hissy fit or conniption. Used by overworked, over-stressed persons etc., to break up the day.


Bazinko: A term that is really two other words spliced together, bizzare and psycho. The Meaning of which is refering to those things that strike one as both bizzare and psycho simultaniously.
Example, "The effect of the cough syrup is that it will drive you bazinko!" Or, "Those student art films were completely bazinko." Or, "These Persian rugs taste delicious. Bazinko, ain't I ?"smiley - weird

Snarfing Spewdge

smiley - wahSnarfing Spewdge: A term used to describe the evacuation of liquids from the proboscis nostrils or nasal passageways, which is brought on by laughing and drinking a beverage in tandem.
Example, "My joke was so funny, she started snarfing spewdge."


Ringozingo: A term used to describe any of the "new-age" gurus, charisma driven cult leaders,or megalomaniacal self-help Svengali bent on self-aggrandizement and self-promotion. A charlatan, quack, or modern day Snake oil salesman. An influence peddler. A perveyor of nostrum. As in the sentance, "That guy on the infomercial was a real new-age ringozingo."smiley - grovelsmiley - grovelsmiley - grovelsmiley - grovelsmiley - zen

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