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Don't wish to Haggle your jaggle but: Typos

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Nice entry smiley - biggrin

Please don't think I'm haggling your jaggle, but as a LOONie I must point out some mundane typographic errors or go bazinko smiley - weird or have a frantic fit. I can accept the idiosyncratic capitalization.

Under Javonting:
Traveling > Travelling (and in intro)

Under Haggle:
usualy > usually
Heckeling > Heckling
someones Jaggle > someone's Jaggle

Under Frantic Fit:
composure,resulting > composure, resulting (space after comma)
tantrum.Lasts > tantrum. Lasts (spaces after full stop)

Under Bazinko:
bizzare > bizarre (twice)
refering > referring
simultaniously > simultaneously

Under: Ringozingo:
leaders,or megalomaniacal > leaders, or megalomaniacal (space after comma)
perveyor > purveyor
sentance > sentence

Pimmsaloonie smiley - winkeye

Don't wish to Haggle your jaggle but: Typos

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Mrs Zen

I guess ought to deal with those. I just cut and paste from the original article by Ringo Zingo, and about a year later it ended up selected for the UnderGuide, and I had forgotten I hadn't proof read it. smiley - blush

I'll tackle it in the next couple of days.

smiley - ta


Don't wish to Haggle your jaggle but: Typos

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Amy Pawloski, aka 'paper lady'--'Mufflewhump'?!? click here to find out... (ACE)

Long couple of dayssmiley - winkeye

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