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Q How does Daniel escape from Apophis' ship before it explodes?

A By using the stargate on the Ha'tack.

Q What is the name of the symbiote that enters Sam Carter?

A Jollinar.

Q In The Gamekeeper name the actor who plays the Gamekeeper and name any one of the other Character's he has played on TV?

A Can't think of the actor - but it's Murdoch for the A-Team.

Q Who is the System Lord who feels the full force of Thor's Chariot?

A Heru'eur.

Q What is the name of Selmak's dying host?

A Suresh

Q Thor tells Jack that Human's are on their way to becoming what number race in a league of allies against the Goa'uld?

A The Fifth Race

Q The Pentagon's liason to the SGC makes his first appearance in Season 2. What is his name?

A Major Davis

Q How many languages can Daniel speak?

A Is it 27? 25? Something like that.(including Russian smiley - laugh!)

Q In 1969 Michael and Jenny are 'Going to a concert in upstate New York'. The name is never mentioned but what are they refering to?

A Woodstock

Q Again in 1969 Michael and Jenny are crossing the border to avoid the war. Who does Teal'c think the US are at war with?

A Canada

Clive. smiley - popcorn

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