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Evil Dead

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Scared the crap out of me, but we watched some of Bruce's commentary at the end of it, and it was great. One day we'll get round to finishing it and watching Sam's.

Evil Dead

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I've never seen the DVD (obviously, having only just seen it at the pictures) but I understand it was an incredibly hard shoot, a real labour of love. On his website Campbell advises wannabe horror-film makers to go easy on the fake blood as 'it rips the hair off your arms'. To say nothing of no food and sub-zero temperatures.

It scared you? Wow. Bits of it are icky and bits of it are just hilariously OTT but I don't think I was ever actually scared. Hey, I must be desensitised after all! smiley - smiley

Evil Dead

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I think it was the spooky wandering around the house wondering if an evil dead thing was going to jump out of a cupboard that scared me!

The DVD extra features are good, the making of the film is on there, and apparently Bruce had to act in reverse quite a lot so that when the shots were reversed they looked good. I didn't know the thing about bloody removing his hairs though. smiley - laugh

Evil Dead

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I just watched this with the commentary by Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert the other day. They are very scathing of Bruce's acting abilities, but in a jokey way. There is also much commenting on continuity and the stupid props. Also watched Evil Dead 3 with the commentary which is mostly Bruce Campbell explaining the commentary while Sam goes "Oh yes, I do quite like that bit".
Still cracking films, all three but very cheesy. smiley - smiley

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