Escape Pod Dreams - 11

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The New New blob

I've heard of you, and, no, you can't

speak to my daughter!

We, here, at IPR, YFITA, can be as sentimental as the next


Which reminds me, scoot over, our colognes are


It has come to the attention of the male members of our

esteemed team that just as the mistletoe is finally

crumbling into uselessness, another, um, event, is

rounding into view and barrelling down the home stretch to

embarrass and tease us again.

Now, we have nothing against office romances, but since

most of us are married to someone who doesn't work or

doesn't work here, this whole thing can get to be a bit

awkward, considering the number of idiots running around

here with digital cameras and no scruples at all.

We've had our share of blackmail. And we're almost paid up

with the anonymous weasel who witnessed the event we're

paying for the privilege of not talking about. Say no


Really good times to be at home, with the

horseless-type wireless switched on!

1. 8:57 AM

The Homely Homily: This week, Elder Emeritus of the God

Loves You Whether You Like It Or Not! Fellowship,


by Diametrically opposed to any


2. 9:57 AM

A poem for my Mom: by Sissy Plew-Borrantereiskynoyson

Last of the First-Nighters!

3. 10:57 AM

Muddle-class Person! The forgotten superhero!

I know what you did last Summer and I couldn't care less

(just out of gaol!)

4. 11:57 AM

Romance, Lesser Wekk-style!

My dog's heard of you (but you better never call again!)

1. 8:57 PM

Once upon a tine in the fork of the road...

by Your Other Right Foot

(appearing nightly without


The Escape Pod Dreams

(tonsil revenge)

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