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i hope do not think I am stupid

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Rosa Baggins daughter of Pronto Baggins and Mimosa Bunce

I have been a member of h2g2 for along time since last May/June. I have tried to explain how to use this page to my sister but because I am not very intelligent and end up confusing here. When you click onto change preferrences please tell me where in the page will it have update details.

I am very slow at understanding things so please be patient with me. I have still unable to understand how to pictures on my personal space page as no-one has explained it me and if so I have not fully understand and I too frightened to ask again in case people get angry with me. I have always had comprehension skills and I have to things explain to me often before I understand. I know there is no excuse for me not understanding but I do not know much more than a newbie and when I see other peoples pages and they have been on less than I have. I still only basic knowledge about Guideml, no nothing about adding pictures, I cannot understand how put links in GuideMl, although I have been here since May, I am no position to help a newbie as hardly no anything myself. I still need help, so will you please help me on adding pictures to my page, using GuideMl, it is not because I am too lazy to read the explainations but I am not as quick as understanding things like others are here. Please help me to overcome these problems I have with using h2g2.


i hope do not think I am stupid

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Plain skin firstsmiley - smiley

It isn't on the preferences page unless you use the link:

If you or your sister click on the link then all you need to do is click on update at the bottom of that page, because your preference will indicate plainsmiley - ok

GuideML is a little trickier.
I'll open a thread on your spacesmiley - ok

i hope do not think I am stupid

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Loup Dargent

mmmmmm.... some confusion there... as long as the newbies go to the plain skin entry and click on the frame/link there, they will get into preferences and be able to change for plain...

all that needed is to give the A number to the newly arrived LDers... that's the idea behind this entry: so that we don't need to type the link again and again as well as the explanations... imagine having to do that in a busy day...smiley - yikes you wouldn't have any time for yourself...smiley - smiley especially after having typed the numbers for the LDers space and the FoLDers Arms...

giving these numbers are already a big help for the newly arrived LDers as at least they will know where to go for help...smiley - ok

talk soon...smiley - surfer

loupsmiley - fullmoon

i hope do not think I am stupid

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Rosa Baggins daughter of Pronto Baggins and Mimosa Bunce

smiley - okI was also talking about myself as I know very little on using h2g2 ie GuideMl, how to add pictures, adding links when using GuideMl to entries or my own page. There are lot other things I cannot understand as when I came here in May/June no-one helped me and I still do not know much. I find even people who have been on for 2 months know more than I do. Please is there anyone who help me even though I am not a newbie.smiley - smiley


i hope do not think I am stupid

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Loup Dargent

katrine: i think kow said he will start a new thread for that on your page...smiley - smiley

this entry is really only for the plain skin issue... talking about different subjects here could confuse other people... especially newly arrived LDers...smiley - smiley

we will use another thread/convo to explain what you need to know....smiley - ok?!

smiley - cheers

talk later...smiley - surfer

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