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My Dad

January 9, 2003

Dear Sir or Madam,

Convinced as I am of an almost complete alien takeover of the human mind, I greet the new year with dire concerns for our planet. You may or may not have noticed that things are getting considerably out of whack.

The only way things could have gotten so turned upside down is if an alien entity or entities had seized control of the naturally docile and peaceful human mind. 'But' , I hear you say, 'Where are the spaceships? Show us the invading legions of extra-terrestial troopers?'

Well, obviously, and in spite of occasional daft reports of sightings to the contrary, there have been no fleets of starships offloading personnel and munitions. However, this is no balm for my concerns. In fact it only serves to point out how vulnerable we really are.

Not only are we incapable of seeing how real and alien and cruel this invasion from space has become, we are also incapable of seeing how it might have occurred. We cannot, in terms of our limited understanding of physics, really conceive of interstellar spaceflight. So we fail to believe in the possibility that invading space entities might be incorporeal and transmitted at the speed of light to move against other planets.

Benjamin Franklin may have created the first portal. By his discovery of the conduction of electricity we have, over the past 200 years, constructed a vast network of electrical grids and circuitways. And it is thru these that incorporeal alien beings could transmit themselves and their evil ways.

The world has been growing increasingly weirder and crueler since the advent of electricity. And the pace seems to have picked up considerably with the development of micro-circuitry and the installation of the world wide web, because the things I see happening around me would have been humanly impossible, humanly unthinkable, in my mid-20th century youth.

Religions, once the refuge and salvation of the masses now preach the justification of slaughter in the pursuit of larger military and economic goals. All the fairy Princes of Peace are reverting to their macho god-o-war fundamentalist origins.

Business, once considered a 'free' enterprise, an equal opportunity for all who might want to participate in the pursuit of happiness, has become a closed shop for mega-corporations bent on controlling all the world's assets.

Notions such as fair play, good service and kindness to our fellows are now thought of as antiquated, inefficient and downright dumb ideas. Charitable thoughts and actions are being boo-hooed and poo-pooed and some Charities are actually being outlawed because they are purported to support our 'enemies'.

Politics, even in the democracies, is a form of organised crime. Policemen, once keepers of the Peace (we taught our children to think of them as 'our friends'), are now the enforcers of political and economic will, suppressing any opposition to the closing grip of globalisation and the dismantling of social programs.

Today, we watch as that great nation chosen (supposedly) by God , continues to persecute, murder and assimilate its neighbours. And we watch as 'the good guys', the modern and civilised nations of democracy and fair play, created in the Age of Reason by loving, caring and just men for peace and the common good, overlook the war crimes of a neo-fascist Israel while plotting their own aggressions and mass murders, hoping to gain control over yet more of the world's natural resources.

I can only think we have lost our humanity to cruel and senseless aliens. On the other hand, without their alien technology, you wouldn't be reading this now. So I am inclined to think they must really be completely indifferent to our purposes, and do not consider our mission of Peace any serious threat to their goals.

My Mom
Hoping you will take these thoughts into consideration,

I remain your most loyal and least dutiful savant,


To Whom It May Concern

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