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Three years into the new millenium and the new century,
and just nine days into a new year, the Committee for Alien Content carries on
its core mission to bring consideration smiley - love and attention smiley - wizard to those rough-edged
and strange entries that fail the Official H2G2 Writing Guidelines .

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We begin this new year much as we left the last one,
offering an eclectic mix of strays and strangeness.

First we want to share the story of entry number A859485 which was created by U207435 back in October of 2002. It was submitted to Peer Review October 27 and had mixed reviews. For several reasons, mostly because it was a 'first person' account (and perhaps to some extent because it deals with the memorial service held for Douglas Adams) it was eventually rejected and sent to the Flea Market last week.

When this happens to an entry, we consider it an open invitation for us to poke our noses in and add our two cents worth.

The discussion thread attached to the entry makes for very interesting reading and raises again the question of why so many researchers visit this site, register, create a single entry and then disappear.

We make no attempt to edit or alter the piece whatsoever and invite you to read it as originally presented, warts and all:

DNA - Memorial Service


Next, we have an epic story from Terran .
It begins with the entry at A896998 and continues in Part Two at A903016 .

The 168th Greatest Story in the Universe - A Tribute by Terran

What struck us first was the ironic modesty and self deprecation evident in the title. Why the apparently random and arbitrary selection of the number 168 rather than 169 or even 86? It was only later that we realised the significance of 168 as the number of hours in a week smiley - bigeyes. It has taken us considerably longer than that to come to terms with Terran's vision. And we have been promised that Part Three will be ready and accessible at Terran's homepage by the time this issue goes out.
smiley - scientist Newsflash:

Part Three is now ready at A920413 and Terran says he will post further links
in a conversation thread below, as new chapters become available.
He may even explain '168'.


smiley - biggrin And finally, our old (but very young) friend Darth Zaphod and her cohort Chauncey have co-conspired to create a radical new form of h2g2 playfulness. smiley - nahnah
It is their intention that we all should begin inserting appropriate and meaningful but entirely Random Quotes in conversation threads whenever we see the need.

This idea has great possibilities. And while it may seem a somewhat unsocial activity, perhaps even an act of civil disobedience, we here at AggGag-CAC love the idea of its potential to offer relatively anonymous instruction and critiques as well as being mildly subversive but harmless fun.

The Random Quotes Guild


On behalf of the Committee for Alien Content,

who wish you the best for 2003,



"42 may be the answer, but we believe there are

still questions to be asked."

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