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by Gordon R. Dickson

Dorsai! is a book following in the grand tradition of Science Fiction. Gordon R. Dickson has succeeded in writing a book that rivals Starship Troopers for a futuristic look at military activity. However, Dickson has taken the route of studying the individual, so Dorsai! deals with the mental and emotional issues of command.

Dorsai! follows a young Dorsai named Donal Graeme as he wends his way through intergalactic infighting and intrigue. The book starts with Donal as a cadet in a military academy on Dorsai. We then follow
as he accepts his first military contracts as a mercenary, and continue until he is in charge of large armies of men. During his rise, we witness his understanding of strategy and his ideas on interactions
with both soldiers and the governments who use them. While Donal is working his way through the system of intergalactic military ties, he starts to understand that politics moves armies more than generals do.

While having a military individual as the main character, Dickson has refrained from making this book a military thriller. We are treated to some great characters, who show different levels of growth and understanding about both society in general and politics in particular.

After reading this book, I immediately went out and bought all Dorsai! novels. I highly encourage individuals who enjoy
science fiction to buy and enjoy this book.

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