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'We put the CAC in


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smiley - xmastreeDue to the imminent

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our thoughts, like yours, are

upon the season
and will likely remain so well into

the New Year.

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Therefore, the Committee for Alien Content
invites you to spend the time you would normally

spend reading our old load doing better things. Acts of

kindess and charity might occur to you. smiley - ufo

However, if you wish to see a discussion

on the impact of the acquisitions of xmas

please join in at:

smiley - snowballsmiley - run

Or, if you want to see the list of toys

and gifts that
turned tonsil revenge into the person

he is today:
Christmas Gifts I can Remember

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Or, if you just wanna look at a real

honest Santa
try ~jwf~ as Santa
Stare into his eyes and try to tell yourself

the immanent is not imminent.

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As an afterthought, Spiff here with a cheery Chrimble greeting and three

entries1 that are thinly disguised as the

ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and well, *kind* of

Future... No? Ok, Present again, then.

schismatamatician takes a

crooked look back at the religious festival that spawned

the modern spendfest. Good Old Saint Nick you probably

think... more like Old Nick according to this researcher!

smiley - Santa, get

thee gone!

We all know nostalgia ain't what it used to be, and

this season of good will is also a time for complaining

that 'it's all just *so* commercialised these days'; this

tip off from Gimli could explain

a lot...

Far from not existing, Santa is actually alive and well,

but is a shadowy manipulative figure, who could well

feature as the villain in the next Bond James Bond flick!

Sinister Santasmiley - .

And if you thought those two were frankly too silly

to waste your time with, then don't bother with these two

pseudo-scientific santa theories from Dolphin and Calroth.

smiley - ! Humbug!

On behalf of the Committee for Alien Content,

who wish you the best and hope to see you in 2003,



"42 may be the answer, but we believe there are

still questions to be asked."

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