Virus Infection

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Well....virus infection in big business ?

Today is a big day for virus writers I guess......with the worm.exe virus cause major problems all over the world. So whats the story with these viruses ?...Are they written by independant people who just want to spread chaos through the world (an idea that has a certain amount of merit !!!)...or are they written by the virus protection companies just to keep themselves in business ??
If anyone out there has an inside line on this and wants to let me know...please do !!
I work on a helpdesk myself and viruses ceetainly make more work for us. Althouigh it wasn't till I started this job that I realised the damage it can cause to business in general, in lost work time alone.
...But the theory about viruses being created and spread by loners who want to cause chaos has a wonderfully romantic air to it...these tech-head rebles fighting a lone action against huge odds to strike a blow for sanity and anti-establishment feelings !!! Personally its a really attractive idea but I find that the romance of it alone leads me to suspect that most major virus outbreaks are instigated by the major virus protection companies........or they are at least funded by them !! this a stupid idea ?....Am I alowing the paranoia to get to me ??

Go on...tell me what you think......please !!! ????

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