A Conversation for The Minos Front

High Security Hospital

Post 1

Lews Therin Telamon, The Dragon, Lord of the Morning (AKA Jonathan Kerensky [hero])

*Lews lays the ailing Craxus on a bed in the Critical Condition wing of the Hospital and quickly notifies doctors*

Their, I believe you'll live yet. I'll be watching over you for a while while you recover, but even if I leave you should have some time escaping.

*points to heavily armed guards at the door, patrolling the hallways, and at every entrance to the installation. Also motions towards six automated Vulcan Cannon sentries that are locked on to Craxus' genetic signature.*

High Security Hospital

Post 2

Craxus "ACE" (High Lord of the Magicians Guild "A2510425")

*Craxus is bleeding from the temple. Lieing on the doctors table. Craxus makes a motion and pulls out the amulet of Avarlothien. Craxus stares into the amulet and closes his eyes.*

High Security Hospital

Post 3

Craxus "ACE" (High Lord of the Magicians Guild "A2510425")

*Craxus lieing on the table begins to be operated on by the doctors.*

Doctor: Give me 50cc's of antiseptic.

Nurse: Here!

*The doctor begins to operate on Craxus and soon enough Craxus recovery is beginning to increase.*

*Craxus' eyes flutter, as he looks down to the ground for being on his front side on the table to dispose of the bullets in his back.*

Craxus: Where am I?

Doctor: Your in a High Security Hospital.

Craxus: Why....?

Doctor: You were wounded in battle and if you didn't come immediatly you wouldn't have survied.

*Craxus tries to move his left arm away from the bed to leave, but it is strapped down to the railing,while his right arm is free.*

Craxus: Why am I locked up?

Doctor: You have been such a trouble maker we needed to strap you down so you wouldn't escape.

*Craxus feals around for his amulet with his right arm, IT'S NOT THERE!*

Craxus (very angrily): Where is my amulet.

Doctor: That I cannot tell you.

*Craxus eyes flare up with total anger.*

*Craxus reaches over for a scapal, which on a medical tray that was next to him for the operation, and takes it and stabs the doctor through the adam's apple.*

*Craxus slashs the left arm strap and get's up and rushs over to the nurse.*

Craxus: If you want to live you are going to tell me where my stuff is, and where is Euan?

*Craxus looks down at his medical gown.*

*The nurse in total utter fear says where his gear is, which is at a secruity office on the main floor of the huge hospital.*

Craxus: Good.

*Craxus punchs the nurse in the face to make the nurse unconcious.*

*Craxus opens the door and notices everything is white. He moves swiftly and silently avoiding personel and camera's, to rush off to the secruity office for his gear.*

High Security Hospital

Post 4

Craxus "ACE" (High Lord of the Magicians Guild "A2510425")

*Craxus still carrying the scapal rushs into a elevator and goes to the main floor.*

*Once out Craxus serveys the floor, and finally finds a sign that says "Secruity Office"*

*Craxus looks left and right to see if anyone is walking towards him. He sees noone then he opens up the door quickly but quietly.*

*Craxus now inside the room looks around and sees noone but three doors. First he goes into the one on the left.*

*Craxus peeks through and sees two secruity guards watching the camera's. Craxus then walks up behind one and slits his throat. Craxus then takes the scapal and stabs the other guard.*

*Craxus mummbles to himself.*

Craxus: I'm sorry, but I need to help someone.

*Craxus takes there guns and ammo, and walks back into the office pod. Craxus goes into the right room this time. Craxus notices a table with a cup of coffee sitting on it a refridgerator, and microwave.*

Craxus: Ahh the lounge for these fella's.

*Craxus walks over and pulls out a hamburger in the refridgerator and haves himself some lunch.*

*Craxus walks back out and walks back into the left room to look at the camera's again see if anyone noticed.*

*The camera's on the floor that Craxus was in were spotting a secruity guard doing check ups on the doors and the patients in the hospital.*

*Craxus thinks to himself.*

Craxus (mind): I don't have much time till they spot the two in my hospital room.

*Craxus rushs over to the last and final door in teh center and opens it finding a weapons locker and his gear on a table.*

*Craxus peers over to see if anyone else is in the room. Then all of the sudden an alarm sounds!*

*Craxus thinks to himself again.*

Craxus (mind): Crap! They found my room!

*Craxus hurry's and puts on his gear and puts on his amulet again.*

*Craxus takes some smoke gernades, machine guns, ammo for the machine guns, gernades, and some plastic explosives.*

*Craxus sets up charges around the room.*

*Craxus walks out and sees everyone in a mass panic running to the doors. Craxus takes the smoke gernades and chucks them into the crowd. The room immediatly fills up with red smoke.*

*Craxus merges himself into the mass of moving bodies and just completly walks out with not a word.*

*Craxus a safe distance away pulls out a remote control and presses it exploding the Secruity offices and many innocent civilians.*

*Craxus spots a black ninja motorcycle parked in the parking lot. Craxus rushs over and jumps into it, and speeds off.*

Now to help Euan!

High Security Hospital

Post 5

Lews Therin Telamon, The Dragon, Lord of the Morning (AKA Jonathan Kerensky [hero])

*After waking from a restful sleep, Lews walks into Craxus' former room to find the dead and unconcious bodies.*

How the Hell did he manage to get past all the guards and automated sentries? Oh, well the time for wondering is over and the time for action has come.

*opens a "hole" back to the docks to find out what elsoe is going on*

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