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sir alan partidge

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viva alba

quite possibly the funniest man on tv - alan partridge/steve coogan is a comedy genius!!

a couple of my favourite partridge moments:
- when michael offers alan a 'cup of beans with a sausage for dippin'
- alan: 'my peephole pringle is modelled on an sas balaclava'

pure comedy gold! smiley - laugh

do you know if the 2nd series is gonna be released on dvd? cos the extras on the 1st one are fantastic


viva alba

sir alan partidge

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SerjTankian... Freelance Assassin for higher... (not hire)

Series 2 fave lines...

"Sonia that was classic intercourse... so thanks"

"I could eat that for breakfast, lunch and dinner... but I wouldn't because then I'd be dead"

"In my hand I hold a microwaveable apple pie, the temperature inside this pie is 1000degrees... if I squeeze it, it could go your way, it could go mine, either way, one of us is going down"

Series 1 fave lines...

"Ooooooo... scary Irish men... I like your berets... they're worn by Sadaam Hussein, Frank Spencer and the French"

"Michael... could you bring me up a couple of boiled eggs in the morning please?? yeah and I'd like you to lay them ya chicken!!"

Jed: "I'll see ya next week then yeah"
Alan: "Yiiiip"
Jed: "We'll go and see my brother"

Lmao... the man's a genius...


Serjsmiley - devil

sir alan partidge

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F F Churchton

Aye, and when ye dee that you can cut up into little pieces and then toy with, spin aro-und his hoose and then corner him on his roof. Then when he says "no mike, no", you blow him up, then I'll fly all the way to Cornwall and crash into the sea in a big ball of flames

Who is he?

Just a mate!!!

sir alan partidge

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SerjTankian... Freelance Assassin for higher... (not hire)

Michael: Aye if I died like I'd wanee come back as a dolphin aye...

Alan: Dolphins are quite intelligent Michael...

Michael: Oh aye yeah... An aye can cash a fish in my moat...

Alan Yeah??..

Michael (pretends to be a dolphin)... aye...

Alan: Yeah, but can you do this (makes an annoying noise)

Michael: Nae, but I can make a sound like a whale... ooooooooooooooo

Alan: (cutting michael off) No-no, that's a homosexual...


Serjsmiley - devil

sir alan partidge

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oh there are just so many partridge-isms to choose from. i like, for example;

"i just let off in a tax inspectress's face, it was mostly deliberate"

having alan partridge around makes me glad i'm british! we can look every other country in the eye and no matter how bad our football team, our health service, our awful prime minister, our middle east blood lust, our acid rain (in scandinavia), our rates of teenage pregnancy, or our over-priced and under-subsidised transport network, we can still puff out our chest and say, yes, but, we have alan partridge, mine's a pint!

smiley - cheers

sir alan partidge

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twelve inch plate....HA HA!

sir alan partidge

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HammerFanRob06 (WHUFC - 13)

LOL, agreed come whatever may only we the British can say we got Alan Partridge!!! LOL smiley - biggrin

I love the comedy, excellent a testament not only by the utterly superb acting of Steve Coogan but by the rest of the cast who in both series are a joy to watch, to the writers Baynham, Coogan and Iannucci and also to the studio designers who really make the two series believeable.

One of the great things about this program is that whilst being riotiously funny it is also completely believeable, most notbaly due to character development.

I think the next venture for Partridge (Should there be any!) should be in the form of a film, hopefully once Steve finishes his commitments in the USA at the moment (2008?) he could, also I am interested to know whether Alan will be popping up at Comic Relief 2007 (Who knows')

AP: Smell my cheese you mutha! smiley - biggrin

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