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Series starting in 1997, posing as a documentary style sitcom for the Steve Coogan character ALAN PARTRIDGE. The first series focused on Alan's 182 day stay at Norfolk's Linton Travel Tavern, after being kicked out of his house by his wife, Carole and the collapse of his TV chat show, Knowing Me Knowing You, Alan was in a rut, with his pre-dawn Radio Norwich show, Up with the Partridge, and a new friend, Michael, a Geordie hotelier, and his PA Lynn, 50.

Classic Moment from Series 1

*Alan having sex with his secretary Jill. "That is Premier League!" (Ep 2)

*Alan's boating video. "For a British holiday with a difference on a boat, always choose Hamilton's Waterways. With the melting of the polar ice caps, most of East Anglia will be underwater in the next thirty years. So make the most of the stunning fens before the floods come..." (Ep 3)

*Alan's Argument with Peter Baxendale Thomas. "If you see a lovely field with a family having a picnic, and there's a nice pond in it, you fill in the pond with concrete, you plough the family into the field, you blow up the tree, and use the leaves to make a dress for your wife who's also your brother." (Ep 3)

*Alan's tuneless rendition of:

-Close to you (Ep 2)
-Melting Pot (Ep 3)
-Goldfinger (Ep 4)

*Alan's meeting with Tony Hayers. "Smell my cheese you mother!" (Ep 1)

*Alan scaring the hotel staff. "It's OK! It's me! It's Alan Partidge!" (Ep 4)

*Alan's dinner with 2 RTE executives. "Derr's morrre to Oireland dan disss!" (Ep 5)

*Jed's house. "You be David Copperfield and I'll...ALAN PARTRIDGE!" (Ep 5)

*Tony Hayers' funeral "It's all....a....pain in the a**e!" (Ep 6)

*The Laughing Man (Mike Sampson):
"Ben: So, Mike, where do you live?

Mike: I come from Acton, in west London.

Sophie: Is it nice?

Mike: Yes, it's quite nice few too many blacks." (Ep 6)

*Susan going mad. "You've beeen in this hotel 182 days you little s**t!" (Ep 6)

The Closing Credits from the last episode. "We can listen to Black Beauty while we tidy up!" (Ep 6)

Episode Guide

1. A Room with an Alan (3.11.97)

Alan's car has been graffittied on (C**k, P**s, Partridge) and he's got a meeting with BBC bigwig Tony Hayers, but not before going to view a house.

2. Alan Attraction (10.11.97)

It's Valentine's Day and Alan plays a dedication to his hardworking PA Lynn. (although it has nothing to do with Valentine's Day) Alan is told Peartree Productions needs to be shut down or he could just downsize it at the cost of his ROVER.

3. Watership Alan (17.11.97)

Alan beats Cliff Throburn to do a video about boating on the Norfolk broads, but will the disgruntled farmers forgive his early moringin jibes?

4. Basic Alan (24.11.97)

Alan is bored, his relaxation tape, (LET GO..with Alan Partidge) provides little help, as does wondering the M11's dual carriageway, or playing a prank on the Linton Travel Tavern staff. So what is Alan planning to do with a traffic cone?

5. To Kill a Mocking Alan (1.12.97)

Alan hosts "An afternoon with Alan Partridge, with special guest Sue Cook" (or maybe just plus Sue Cook). And Alan has dinner with two RTE executives as well as coping with Jed, Alan's biggest fan.

6. Towering Alan (8.12.97)

Alan is invited to judge the Swaffham country show. Alan recieves news that Tony Hayers has died. Alan now has a chance to get his TV career back on it's feet!

OK it is now 2003 the new series of Alan Partridge has been and gone without anyone mentioning it so here's by episode guide to series 2 of I'm Alan Partridge. (For now they're from the BBC website but I'll change them when I have more time.)

1. The Talented Mr. Alan

Alan has been clinically "fed up". But now he's "bounced back". He has a girlfriend (14 years his junior, back of the net!!), the second best slot on Radio Norwich and a military based quiz show called "Skirmish" on Digital TV station Uk Conquest. Now he's going back to school to give a speech and no aincient incident with a chalk penis on his back will stop him.

2. The Colour of Alan

Alan is to present a sales conference for Dante's of Reading, the Ferrari of the coal effect fire industry. Someone has stolen Michael's front door so Alan kindly allows him to stay in his unfinished house. The he impales his foot on a spike!

3. BraveAlan

Alan befriends fellow Lexus driver, Daily Mail reader, Director's Botter drinker and Lynx Wearer, Dan Moody, who asks him to present an award at Norfolk's bravery awards, where he tries to get in with Carol "Mustard" Coleman.

4. Never Say Alan Again

Alan is planning a bank holiday weekend watching every single James Bond film back to back. Alan intended to share this special time with petrol-vending friend, Michael. Alan smoulders with jealousy upon finding out Michael has other friends, in particular ‘Tex’ (real name Terry) who loves all things American. Michael is quickly un-invited to the Bond-fest and Alan homes in on John the Builder.
Lynn seems to have a boyfriend, ex-copper Gordon. He orders Alan to treat his PA with a good deal more consideration. Alan is thus unexpectedly restrained when Lynn spills two jugs of Sunny Delight on his entire Bond collection.

5. I know what Alan did last summer

Sonja's gifts to Alan are causing concern and a visit from the taxman starts to give Alan gastric problems. Alan has been lying to Sonja about his affiliation with U2 lead sing Bono.

6. Alan wide Shut

Despite his new house being ready to move in to, Alan is on edge. 14,000 surplus copies of his book Bouncing Back are to be pulped and he's very sensitive about it. Worse, everyone seems to be buying books about East End Gangsters, especially one called 'Bad Slags'.
Alan is a guest on Prayer Wave, a show on Talk Cambridge. The Host dares to point out that there is a lot of unresolved bitterness in Alan's book, evident in oft used phrase '...needless to say, I had the last laugh' (actually used 14 times).

The highlight of the day is Lynn's baptism at Sprowston Baptist Church. Alan makes a rather ill-judged speech which involves miming a suicide by shotgun. After this, all that remains to do is visit the industrial plant where Bouncing Back is to be pulped. Even though the 14,000 books end up looking like 'word porridge' - at least the process has a certain dignity.


On 24th of March there will be a spoof documentary on Alan. at 9pm on BBC2 called Anglian Times: Alan Partridge!

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