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This quest is going to be rather simple, and yet meandering. Hopefully, with a bit of help from all sides, this'll be something to remember. But first, some info on the sides.

The Anarchists

The Anarchists are going to be the cool, suave, high tech villains of the world today.

The Special Abilities

  • [Hack] - [Hack] will allow any Anarchist to hack into an electronic system, and get it to do as they like. This will take a bit, from two to four posts, at the honest digression of the hacker.
  • [Haywire] - [Haywire] allows for hackers to basically booby-trap any machinery they can spend some time tinkering with. Takes four posts.
  • [Daedalus] - [Daedalus] is the AI hacking system. It can breach any electronics and take control in a single post's time1. This ability can only be used once per engagement, and takes effect on the next post.

The Heroes

What's a quest without heroes? It isn't a quest. You'll be playing the powerful role of those who set things right.

The Special Abilities

  • [Valiant Surge] - The [Valiant Surge] is what is described in other cycles as "Bullet Time" Now, this is not exactly what you are thinking. True, reactions and speed are increased by a will to succeed, and desperation, but instead of cool soundtracks and bullet contrails, the hero results in a post that can cover up 10-15 seconds instead of the standard. This can only be used once per engagement.
  • [Unknown] - [Unknown] is simply that the Hero is not easily recognizable in a crowd. Better reception and behavior by neutral parties.
  • [Skill Proficiency] - [Skill Proficiency] allows the Hero to be especially competent at a specific task, from climbing to breaking things. This enables them to use this skill to a degree unheard of by other mere mortals.

The Terranic Government Forces

You are the uberforce of this quest. You know exactly what can go wrong, and you know that you are the reason why it did. But you're going to fix all that, aren't you? Unfortunatly, the government isn't ever too competent...

The Special Abilities

  • [Reinforcements]. [Reinforcements] is the superweapon of the Terranic Government. With it, the Gov. can call in reinforcements of soldiers, specialists, and many more. These reinforcements are controled by the person who called for them, but they are also restricted by the same rules2.

And the omnipresent cons:

The Cons

  • You remember all those gadgets? Well, they don't always work the way planned. The thought of Daedalus coming back for revenge is rather distracting to Terranic Techs.

Other Tidbits


Daedalus was created with highly advanced A.I. This means that it thinks, reacts, and feels like most humans do, though not in the same meaningful way. It has human tendancies, both the good and the bad. If under the influence of a bad and violent mind, it will reflect that. If shown compassion and justice for too long, and it will start getting ideas about that. And so on. And good and bad aren't the only sides of the coin.

Daedalus can communicate through any electronic device that is connected to the World Wide Web, if by modem or by plain phone. Meaning cell phones, ATMs, private computers, public displays, most anything. However, among nature, Daedalus isn't naturally seen much.

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1Note: Some systems may be unhackable2Reinforcements cannot call for reinforcements.

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