Daedalus's 'Rules of Engagement'

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On The Makeup...

Daedalus is now going to be a bit more strategic. Instead of folks running about all willy-nilly, there is a structured form towards one of the three sides finishing the quest. It goes like this...


Each of the three factions in Daedalus will have four different locations, each with their own layout, and functions. Now, one will not be able to attack each site as they would simply wish, because of geographic layout. Like real life, you have to conquer terrain before moving through it.1

There will be three smaller locations, each providing a special ability to the original owner's side. If that location is lost, that side loses the ability. The fourth location is a home base of sorts, where rest, recoup, and repair can be found.

Each location can only be reached if the reacher owns a location connected to it. You can find a map here.

What The Locations Do

The Heroes

Hero 1: The Dojo.

The dojo is the location where the Heroes train in each their own way, thus giving the [Skill Proficiency] ability. Loss of this by the Heroes will remove the [Skill Proficiency] ability.

Hero 2: The Secured Bar

Here lie the good "spirits" that are some of the power behind the [Valiant Surge]. The Heroes lose the bar, and they lose the power...

Hero 3: The Sewers

The Sewers provide a quick and effective form of silent transport, allowing for the [Unrecognized] ability.

Hero 0: The Fortress of Semi-Solitude

The headquarters and healing place of the Heroes.

The Terranic Government

Terranic 1: The Barracks

The Terranic Baarracks is where the proud men and women of the Terranic Armed Forces train. This provided for nearly unlimited reinforcements, but without, supply strains.

Terranic 2: The Machine Shop

The Terranic Machine Shop is where the mobile mechanized forces are built, renovated, and loaded. Without it, there would not be a mobile armour group.

Terranic 3: Resarch And Development

Research and Development is where the brains of Terrania work, constantly working to produce newer and better gadgets and weapontry. Without them, supplies for electronics and weapons become thin.

Terranic 0: Terranic Central Core

The TCC is the headquarters of the Terranic Armed Forces

The Anarchists

Anarchist 1: The Terranic National Armoury

The Terranic National Armoury was taken early on in the Daedalus conflict. This massive building houses the weapons used by the Anarchists, and without it, they'd find themselves much underhanded in fights.

Anarchist 2: The Terranic News Network

This building is the main broadcast point of Anarchist propoganda, and also is the source of Daedalus's wide reach. If it goes, Terranic researchers will feel a bit more calm, increasing the reliability of Terranic Gear. It also limits Daedalus's reach to only Anarchist controlled locations.

Anarchist 3: The Sushi Joint

The Sushi Joint is where the anarchists come to hang out and relax. As long as they have it, their [hack] skills stay in the low 2-3 post reigon. Without, they increase time by two posts.

Anarchist 0: Ground Zero

Home base to the Anarchist forces.

1Well, I suppose you could just blow it up instead. But humour me.

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