The Flight Of Daedalus

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A new, highly advanced artificial intelligence system being developed in a Terranic research lab has been stolen. Unlike most government systems, its advanced AI systems enable it to decrypt nearly any password, and use passive and active techniques to take over most any system. It is codenamed... Daedalus.

The story takes place in a darkened pub somewhere on Terrania. You happen to overhear the conversation in the booth next to you.

Agent One: "How did this happen? I thought it was classified."

Agent Two: "That's what everyone had thought. Some janitor left the North-East maintenace hatch open-"

One: "You mean the one with the eight and three security grid controls?"

Two: "Yeah, the same. They got in, next thing you know, cameras are off, locks disengaged, and that was it. They were in and out in minutes."

One: "Any casualties?"

Two: "Only two."

One: "Thank God."

Two: "Yeah. A Security gaurd who was distracted at the time, and one of our lab techs. Both were knocked out with some sort of blunt instrument, apparently to keep quiet. We didn't even know that it had happened 'till Zone Eight's security computer redflagged us on a lack of user activity at its twelve o'clock check."

One: "What do we know about them? Anything?"

Two: "Precious little. With the security cameras out we couldn't get audio, and only got about a minute and a half of visual. They looked very tough, and several of them seemed a bit shabby. We think they're part of one of the minor anarchy groups."

One: "Anarchy, huh? What'd they make off with?"

Two: "With the level of competance they showed last night, it could have been anything in the whole damn sector."

One: "Anything in Eight?!"

Two: "Yes. Anything out of Advanced Electrical Systems, Bioelectric Engineering, or Nanosystems."

One: "We can't be calling them minor any more."

Two: "The situation is very serious. We know they have the A.I. Everything is in jepeordy. They can hit anywhere, anytime. All we can do until they're taken out is to try and get to their targets before they do, and hope we have more firepower."

At this point, the first agent's pager beeps. He pauses and reads it.

One: "Dammit. They've struck.

Two: "Already?!"

One: "They must have had this planned. It was a National Armoury.

Two: "No. Not that."

One: "Firewall registered an unauthorized access to security controls, and then shut down. The doors locked, autogun IFF Friendly/Foe systems went haywire..."

Two: " God..."

One: "They're cleaning blood off the windows. The place was emptied."

Two: "So much for our having more firepower."

One: "Let's go. They're going to need us at headquarters.

And so, the problem begins. Terranic government is in an uproar. Civillians are panicked. Nothing seems to be a decent solution. So it lands on you, and a group of like-minded people, to do a bit of dirty work. The fate of a world rests in your hands.

Are they trembling?

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Quest begins Dec. 31st

This will be a good date, as everyone all over the world is usually awake for quite some while...

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