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Posted: 8th August 2022

Don't Look Now
(Well, okay, but don't say we didn't warn you)

Riegersburg Castle, view through an arch, by Tavaron.

Okay, they've done it: the Post's Corps of Contributors have amassed enough collective weirdness to stage their own official Silly Season. That's what came over the virtual transom, so that's what you get: insanity. You will not believe your eyes.

This is not a civilised issue of the Post. It is not full of awesome photography – more, 'Aw, heck, what is that?' It is not a feel-good issue. More a look-over-your-shoulder issue. It should make you scratch your head and, I hope, laugh inordinately.

So here goes:

  • Remember the fluffy cows? Bluebottle has found some curly-haired ones. He's also found some Highland cows with highbrow art tastes, in Yorkshire, of all places. There are more cows in this issue. We leave you to find them.
  • You know how Willem explores the prehistoric world for rare and unusual mammals? He's got one that is a cat. But not a cat, if you get what I mean. You will be astounded, as I was. You will also go 'awww' and want a time machine to go and pet the kitty. Which would probably take your arm off.
  • Websailor is back with nocturnal visitors. While not silly, the badgers are certainly mysterious, so much so that this week's Gheorgheniplex is in their honour.
  • People have been having wild adventures. Tavaron took her family to the Austrian version of Jurassic Park. We rejoice to say that nothing got eaten except snacks. But that dinosaur scared some kids. They also visited a castle. You get a virtual tour.
  • Meanwhile, ComicCon came to Cleethorpes. Galaxy Babe was there making contact with some interesting aliens, while Andy had an unfortunate run-in with a shark. We're told he survived.
  • FWR's back from holiday in exotic places. He's brought back an exotic recipe to share. Awix has been to the cinema and brought back a report that fits right in with the rest of this stuff. Would you believe a love story with volcanos?
  • They did find time to photograph some nice-looking butterflies and flowers and the sea and whatnot, so don't miss the saner portion of this issue. But you'll soon be back in the madness, what with Paigetheoracle's, er, thoughts, and a quiz, and more humour...Bluebottle's plot, thickens...

So peruse, enjoy, share, comment (nicely, so I don't get complaints). Remember: when you send me photos, tell me what I'm looking at. Do not assume things. I can think of the titles myself: more important than those puns you put in the subject lines are mundane factoids such as, 'This is the railway station in Stoke Poges. It looks nothing like the one in Stoke Newington, and only a silly foreigner would mistake them1. What I want you to notice is the pigeon on the clock.' Also let me know who and what I can or cannot mention.

Have a great week, and remember: there's a fine line between genius and madness, and h2g2 is on the razor's edge sometimes.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: Lions. Sit around and look aggressive.

Lionesses. Actually go hunting and get the job done.

Woolly Mammoth
A blue butterfly

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A Head of
Highland Cattle

Two Highland cows sitting contentedly near a giant head statue in a sculpture park in Yorkshire, by Bluebottle.



Walking with Dinosaurs

Dinosaur statue.


Large pink rose by Tavaron.

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1Yes, I realise FWR will now find pictures of both railway stations and post them on Twitter with mocking captions. Why do you think I do these things?

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