Create Challenge, March 2024: Where I Live

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Create Challenge, March 2024: Where I Live

A caveman and his cave, by FWR
Where I was born

Where I was raised

Where I keep all my yesterdays

Montgomery Gentry, 'My Town'
London never sleeps, it just sucks

The life out of me, and the money from my pocket. . .

Catatonia, 'Londinium'

This month, we want you to tell us something about the place where you live.

Whether you live in a big city, a small town, a hamlet off the beaten track, or far from any other settlement, what makes your home special?

Were you born and raised there, love the place, know everybody and are content to spend your days there?

Or maybe you can't wait to leave, dream of somewhere else?

Did you choose this place, or did your living there just happen? Did a big city draw you with its opportunities, or did you seek out a small community or head for the wide-open spaces? If you chose your new home, was it hard to get there? Was the move perilous? Were you welcome when you got there, or was it hard to fit in?

Does your home have an interesting history, or is it a sleepy place where nothing much happens? (Something always happens.)

Were there famous residents? Is there world-class architecture? Does your place boast historical significance or stunning scenery?

Urban, rural, or wild: tell us about your home. Send us photos, videos or stories.

Maybe you could write a entry for the Edited Guide about your town or the people who've lived there.

The world's a big place, but this month look through the window and tell us what you see right in front of you.

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