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Posted: 17th July 2023

Montage of images from this week's issue: The Mountain Goddess of Prisojnik, a house in an Austrian village, an M3 tank being driven, a sign that says 'Sign Not in Use',  a cat unsuccessfully hiding in a small tree, a man sitting on a park bench by the Danube, a yellow tanker lorry labelled TARDIS, an orange day lily, a ship under construction, and a dung beetle on a blade of grass. The title is: On the Road Again, Exploring the Planet.

As you can tell from the array of images, this week is going to be a wild trip. Our Researchers have been everywhere, done it all, and lived to tell about it, unless they're ghosts and haven't told me. What they don't know, they'll make up. Join us for an unpredictable but satisfying journey in which we discover more questions about Life, the Universe, and Everything.

There is signage – of a sort. One appears to be saying ceci n'est pas un signe, but can we trust it? Maybe the UK highway people are just trying to mess with our heads. (It wouldn't take much.) We're grateful for the warning about the dinosaurs, though.

Wonders have been spotted: Angel Lia Dan, our mountaineer on the go, shares a sight from Slovenia. Mrs FWR left her hubby behind and went back to Spain. All he got was this beautiful island photo. Meanwhile, FWR found a great new shortcut, which he'll tell you about in 'The Road (Finally) Taken'. Tavaron spied some rather nice architecture. So it goes.

Bluebottle warns us against thinking that 'TARDIS' is for real. But he's been time-travelling for sure: where else could he have found all these tanks? They're on the move, and they tell stories. Okay, Bluebottle's telling the stories. We think you should take them with a grain of salt.

Nature does not disappoint. Willem's brought a lapwing for show-and-tell. Tav found a dung beetle. SashaQ observed some ducks in the rain: see video. Not only is this fascinating stuff, but it's much more accurate and true-to-life than what you'll see in the cinema these days. Hootoo: much better than pink houses and Napoleon hats. Yes, Awix will review all that eventually, but right now he's talking about another incomprehensible film. Be sure to read the review so you don't have to go and see it. Then you can pretend at parties.

More must-read stuff includes the ongoing novellas. Caiman's will do your head in – you really don't know which way he and FWR will jump next. Meanwhile, ancient Mesopotamia just got a little weirder. It's more about what didn't happen. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. In case you notice that Tavaron's story is on chapter 34, it's because her characters went on strike last week and she's only just got them moving again. They didn't get the memo: it's the writers and actors that are on strike, people, not the fictional characters. (And not us because we aren't screenwriters and don't get paid, anyway.)

There are even more surprises in this issue: I'd tell you about them but I'd rather you go and let yourselves be surprised. So go and read, already. If you see this Stuff and think, 'Hey, I've got several hundred fascinating pictures of my own I'd like to share,' please feel free to moderate your enthusiasm and send me a couple at a time. Please also don't be a Suzy Q: let us in on what we're looking at. Equally, if you've got an anecdote to share about 'the road taken/not taken/lost on', we'd love to hear it.

Have a good week and remember: if you're finding the heat annoying, stop and mentally send some of it Willem's way. He and Sagrys are trying to keep warm in South Africa.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: I don't know of any caterers who would just offer a 3-course lunch for 300 people for free. Even Jesus only provided one course.

– Joanne Harris on Twitter
A country road.

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The Road Taken

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A Legacy, by John B Tabb
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Sign, Aggressive Dinosaurs, by Bluebottle.



Peacock Island

Blue sea, rocks.


Can't Find Me
Jax the cat hiding in a tree, not very well. By FWR
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