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Posted: 10th July 2023

Montage of images from this week's issue: A sunset, an abandoned railway station, a mysterious pulpit with steps carved from glacial rock, very red lilies with a black-and-orange butterfly perching on them, a sailing ship in a bay with a duck in the foreground, a poster for the Broadway production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's 'Show Boat' featuring William Warfield, and the title 'A Breath of Fresh Air'.

I predict that different readers will find different parts of this week's issue intriguing, and for different reasons. Gardeners may be a little disappointed after last week's gaudy flower show: we've only got a few blooms, some berries, and a caterpillar for you to marvel over. Those items are, however, pretty compelling by themselves. Bird lovers, also, will have to content themselves with a cassowary and some ducks in the rain. The ducks star in their own video, though.

Fiction fans will love this week's novella chapters. Lots of stuff going on in the stories. Open Caiman's page carefully, lest you be ambushed by the sight of that Carbogenie. You have been warned.

Your Editor would like to take this opportunity to point out that the h2g2 Post is a welcoming forum for diverse opinions. As long as you're not breaking any fish or game laws or committing actual harm (see House Rules), what you write doesn't have to coincide with the opinion of the Editor. (Good thing, too: the Editor has some pretty weird opinions.) For instance, Awix is welcome to enthuse about all the action movies he likes. Action movies put me to sleep. This week, Paulh has stretched my ingenuity with his take on the musical Show Boat. I managed to finagle the filther so you can read what he wrote. Drop in on the comments section, and we can all argue about whether Rodgers and Hammerstein have written an evocative song about the Mississippi or not.

Speaking of diversity in content, FWR has a whole section of travel and tourism this week. It's a Suzy Q section. You will recall that Suzy Q Ferguson, the world's worst tour guide, was infamous for sharing suspicious information such as, 'That door is so small because people were shorter then.' This week, FWR has done Suzy Q one better by providing no information at all about these sights in Budapest other than visual evidence that they are beautiful to gaze upon. Therefore, we need your help. Visit the photos. Study them. Make up your own explanatory captions. We'll send the best suggestions to the Hungarian tourist board. Keep in mind that the aim of any Suzy Q Ferguson worth her salt is to convey as little real information as possible.

FWR is not the only Researcher finding out-of-the-way or unusual sights for us to wonder at: this week you'll also discover a mysterious pulpit, a ship-come-sailing-in, an abandoned railway station, where St Peter parks, and the UFO circle in Paige's backyard.

This edition has lots to keep you busy, so get reading! Leave appropriate comments, please – sometimes I get a headache trying to figure out what commenters are talking about. In that case I tend to take an aspirin and forget about it. Have a good week: it's got to stop raining sometime.
Special Note: Want to know what our Robbie Stamp has been up to? Catch his special live podcast called It Happened Here. You're sure to enjoy these glimpses of the past. Talk about your time travel...

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Definition of the Week: Novelwriting AI: Autocomplete that got a little too full of itself.

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A country road.

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Southern Cassowary

Cassowary by Willem.


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Imperial Manhole

Budapest manhole cover.


Peter's Parking
Parking for St Peter's church, by Bluebottle
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