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Posted: 26th June 2023

Montage of images from this week's issue: A rocky channel in the River Averon, a sign in a tree that says Stick Pool, a flying firebug, the words Air, Land, Sea, a view of Budapest at night from the Danube, three kittens looking up at the camera, some bright red rose, a sign that says Not Telefon with an aarrow, and a rocket seeming to fly from out of nowhere.

You will notice that we have some flying things in this week's issue of the Post. Bluebottle, ever vigilant, snapped the rocket. Not to be outdone, FWR found the photogenic bug. Also those amazing clouds. All in all, we hope you aren't put off by heights: these photos could make your head swim.

We have birds and beasts and oh, wow, tourism. FWR's been to Budapest. You get some photos now and some in the future. Paigetheoracle divides his time between the River Averon and the Other World. Check out his short-short story.

Speaking of stories: we still haven't found out what's pulling that police caravan. Bluebottle invited the Editor to draw a horse. As this would definitely be the a futile endeavour, we may just have to imagine one.

In other story news, there are still four novellas ongoing. They offer excitement, adventure, really wild things, and in my case at least, laughs. That is, I'm hoping you will laugh at the antics. Check us out.

Awix has something to tell us about a story he saw onscreen. It's either about a gardening dentist or thrilling action hero but either way, he's played by somebody named Hemsworth.

Starting this week there's a new writing challenge. I hope you will like it better than last month's, which barely stirred a ripple. This month's is called 'The Road Taken.' Did you ever start out for one place and end up another? Was it frustrating or fun? Did anything happen you could tell us about? Send us a story – or tell it in graphic form, or make a video.

Also send in your photos, videos, stories and assorted ephemera to the usual place. This ezine is seen by thousands of people around the globe every week. Yeah, yeah, I know: thousands doesn't sound like a lot in a world with a population of billions. And that's just the humans. But hey: it's a chance for each of us to reach out and communicate. Some fellow traveller on this planet might just be wanting to see, hear, and think about exactly what you have to share.

So send more Stuff. And have a great week.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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A country road.

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The Road Taken

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Peekaboot (American Robin)
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Cloud Tunnel

Clouds from above and below, by FWR.


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  • Kittens on the prowl.



Budapest parliament building by FWR.


Channel Makers
A channel in the river, by Paigetheoracle.
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