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Posted: 22nd May 2023

Montage of images from this week's issue: the African Dusky Flycatcher, some kittens, a bright parrot, blackbird chicks in a nest, and a bee on a yellow flower, with the title Making New Friends.

I'm told the AI makes nice arrangements (if I fuss at it enough), so the AI did these – and then I fiddled a lot. Call it a collaboration between Gheorgheni and the robot. Anyway, the main reason that it looks good is because of our photographers, who take really interesting pictures for us to look at and learn from.

This week, FWR has been exploring on Gran Canaria. He looked. The parrot looked back. It's all good Stuff. Paigetheoracle observed coastal flooding. Tavaron saw many things in her amazing garden: bees, a slow worm, a grass frog. Also, the blackbirds hatched in her nesting box. This issue is a treasure trove of natural things to see.

Everybody's finding signs. We have no clue what the cat and the straw is about. Caiman found a message from beyond the grave. Mrs Hoggett's kittens can't read, but they still like the doughnut.

Bluebottle took a magical ride aboard Charles III. I had fun with some bumblebees. Paige found out where the pipe band was rehearsing. We have photos and video.

We've also got features and humour and fiction. Check out these stories, y'all: they're pretty good. Leave comments, share on your social media, send more Stuff. Also please check out the Create challenge for this month: it will be the last one in the Post for a while because I forgot to uncover it and nobody told me for two whole weeks. So as of next week there will be a different kind of challenge for you. (See what you get when you don't cooperate.)

A milestone has been reached by Awix in the 24 Lies a Second column. Believe it or not, this is his 800th film review. I suppose I might possibly have seen 800 films in my life, since I'm older than the proverbial dirt, but I certainly have never even talked about that many, let alone as knowledgeably as our film critic. So congratulations to Awix. You'll want to drop in, enjoy the review of three new films, and wish our columnist many happy returns.

Have a good week, hopefully with some sunshine and fun, and don't forget your sunscreen (that goes for you, too, Willem!)

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: I was watching a movie, and a guy crossed a creek, and when he got to the other side, the creek was running the other way.

I was confused, the fish were confused, the trees were confused - everybody was confused..

– Scott Olling, Twitter
Clock face from inside, by Carol M Highsmith.

May 2023 Create Challenge:
When Time Stood Still

Video Extra:
Five Baby Blackbirds
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Dusky Flycatcher

African Dusky Flycatcher, by Willem.



Lavender and Bumblebees

Bee closeup by DG.


Friendly Local
Multi-coloure parrot in a bar, by FWR.
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