Create March 2021 Challenge: Heroic Humans

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Create March 2021 Challenge: Heroic Humans

Create Challenge March 2021 by Freewayriding

Do you have heroes? People whose lives you admire and want to emulate? What makes them special to you?

Most importantly, what is your definition of a hero? Does the heroic path lead to success in the world? Could a hero be someone the rest of the planet considers a failure? Are athletes heroes to you? Are military leaders, or scientific pioneers, or famous entertainers?

What about people who are admired and held up as heroes in their lifetimes? What happens when their admirers discover that they also have weaknesses? How did that discovery change the public conversation?

Tell us about heroic humans.

  • Write a short biography of a human you consider heroic. Explain what they did. Explain why it was heroic. Tell what difference it made to the rest of humanity.
  • Find a group of heroic humans. Tell what they did, or do.
  • Tell about a heroic human you have known personally. Either preserve their privacy, or ask their permission, please.
  • Write about a person who was a hero to many, but who lost the admiration of the crowd when flaws came to light.

The Edited Guide is full of heroic and inspirational stories. Consider adding your favourites to the list.

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