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It's the 2020s. Don't have heroes.

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Heroes suck.

Why? Because they have feet of clay. They're human. And more often than you'd like, "human" means "garbage". Time was, until relatively recently, that a person could do something truly special, something that touched the lives of a lot of people - perhaps created great art, or made some important scientific discovery - and society would laud them for it. They'd be heroes.

But that time has passed. We've now come to understand that the people we held up as heroes in the past were - with *vanishingly* few remarkable exceptions - almost invariably absolutely terrible people by the standards of today. The list of heroes who have been (or should be) "cancelled" is long and is only growing longer. Whoever you admire, whatever you admire them for, there'll be someone who can come out of the woodwork to testify that he sexually assaulted them, or that she took the credit for their work, or that they were a closet Nazi or paedophile or something.

Seriously: take the advice of the Stranglers. No more heroes any more.

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Gill Sans is a lovely typeface, used by the BBC and based on the font used on the London Underground. Its designer was Royal Designer for Industry Eric Gill, a pacifist and adamant anti-fascist whose sculptures can be seen, among many other places, on Broadcasting House in London.

... but OH MY GOD don't read the bit of his Wikipedia entry headed "Personal Life". I mean it.

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It's the 2020s. Don't have heroes.

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