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Posted: 8th March 2021


A NASA 'boarding pass' for 2026.
Dmitri Gheorgheni

Martian Since 08/26/2015

1,714,810,630 (frequent flyer miles)

Several of us already have our boarding passes for the next Mars run. Got yours yet? The Prof and I definitely landed on Mars recently. Well, okay, only our names. But our participation was heartfelt, and we wish Perseverance all the best. Long may it continue to send us postcards from abroad.

We have got a fair amount of space-related Stuff this week, in honour of our brave little Martian robots. We also have recorded some dodgy doings here on Earth (that crow is definitely up to something), along with some early spring beauty. Let us tell you about it:
    A teddy bear crocheted by Mrs Hoggett
  • We have nature acting up! From mystery flowers to acrobatic English crows to the Sahara sneaking up on Austria and messing with the sunsets, we'll keep you going 'ooh' and 'aah'. Just life in the time of climate change, we suspect.
  • We'll keep your brain active. Try the quiz, add a caption, read an old story, join Awix and find out about an old movie.
  • SashaQ remembers a friend. I notice the ice flowing down the creek. FWR's lady bakes astonishing things.
  • Solnushka goes to the Kosmos Pavilion, so you get Space Stuff in Cyrillic. Perseverance takes a selfie and sends us a 'wish you were here' postcard. I compose aphorisms.
  • Our cartoonists continue to tickle your funny bone.
  • It's the usual chaos: no human sacrifice, but definitely cats and dogs living together.

We'll be back next week with more Stuff. (Send more Stuff!) Keep warm, stay safe, and remember: Tavaron has seen the first bee and butterfly. Chippy the Chipmunk has come out from under the Post Office side porch. There are daffodils in Normandy, even if there are as yet no roses in Picardy. In other words, spring WILL come. We just have to be patient.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Video Extra: Going for Wood on a Snowy Day

Testing Gravity

Crow's Flying Trick by Galaxy Babe



Spring Thaw?

Red Bank Creek icemelt by DG.


Aphorisms for the
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Mars Boarding Pass for DG from NASA.


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