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Posted: 22nd February 2021

Weather Reports

Snow and a Gate, by Paigetheoracle.

It seems to be snowing everywhere in the northern hemisphere. They've even had snow in Texas and the southwest US. They have our sympathies - it's no joke when the power is off that long and it's cold out. Our contributors have catalogued the snow and ice in all its dubious glory. There's no sense in fighting it: just appreciate the aesthetics.

Superfrenchie reminds us that spring will be here: she's spotted snowdrops and crocuses on the way. From your camera to God's eye, SF. The rest of us will be glad just to see grass someday.

In other news, Australian scientists have named a prehistoric climate crisis for the author of the Hitchhiker's Guide. We should be proud, one supposes, of the Adams Transitional Geomagnetic Event, which took place 42,000 years ago. Although we hope it doesn't happen again anytime soon.

We have other delights in store this week, to wit:
Free Snow, by Paigetheoracle.
Free Snow. Contact Owner.
  • Stories, cartoons, comics, humour. Keep up with the tales: the plot over at Bluebottle's is definitely thickening. Desideria's weightlifting is still raising eyebrows. And there's more adventure in 'Martin Hyde'.
  • Awix distracts us with a really weird blast-from-the-past movie that definitely doesn't pass the Bechdel Test.
  • Memories are shared. Minorvogonpoet remembers campfires of old. Tavaron explains the inspiration of her grandmother's drawing tools. I take a look at an iconic building from university days.
  • Freewayriding tells you about his friend, the Lockdown Fox.
  • Birds fly around in slow motion.
  • SashaQ shares a clever chatbot. Give it a whirl.

We'll be back next week with more Stuff. (Send more Stuff!) Keep warm, stay safe, and remember: winter only seems to last forever. This isn't George RR Martin's planet.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: English doesn't so much borrow words and structures from other languages as it lures other languages into dark alleys to be beaten up and their pockets rummaged for loose nouns and grammar.

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Video Extra: Guard Dog

Grey Cuckooshrike

Grey Cuckooshrike by Willem




Footprints in Snow by Paigetheoracle.


Grandmother's Tools
An architectural drawing tool set, by Tavaron.


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