No Strings Attached

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No Strings Attached

Three guitars

Once, there existed three instruments.

The acoustic thought it was the best. Pure of sound, simple, standing alone, needing nothing to produce beauty. All others were inferior, proud in its history, content its ways would last forever.

The electric was proud. It knew it was the best. Modern, edgy, producing beauty by joining with Others in an electric display of power. All others were old-fashioned and inferior, stuck in their ways, unable to move with the beat of time.

The bass, too needed Others to make beauty, it revelled in its power and timing, keeping the Others in line by its strength and leadership, without it, there was only tinny sound. It revelled in its differences. It was the best.

All different. All important in their own ways. All beautiful in their uniqueness. All standing alone, yet….

Together, blending and improving the sound, forgetting their different appearances, histories, and natures, banding together to make something more beautiful than they ever could solo.

Though it may be hard, put away your prejudices, come join the band, no strings attached!

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