A Medical Saga (Illustrated)

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A Medical Saga (Illustrated)

At the beginning of the autumn, I was getting uncomfortable around my middle. Eating had to be by small doses, and I was getting short of breath while walking.

I was very scared that it could be malignant – because the first sign of my mother's cancer was her abdomen full of fluids, so I went to the Urgent care on a weekend, slightly panicked.

They sent me over to the gynaecology department for a check and let me know that no, it's not fluid. But you do have fibroids on your uterus, and that's why things were getting uncomfortable. It was reaching almost up to my navel.

So fibroids? That's muscle, right? I had to process that, and what happened was two drawings, your regular "vanilla" uterus, and my first impression of #bruterus. On steroids, ripped, strong and impressive. Tall too.

CuterusRipped Bruterus

Then I went for a follow-up exam, and learned that rather than muscle, it was endometrial tissue embedded in the uterus wall – adenomyoma – and my impression of #bruterus changed radically.


There was two 5 cm lumps on the side towards the back, and one 5 cm lump on the lower front side. Plus generally enlarged.

#bruterus was evicted, and two days later, it feels like I had a really hard work out (waaayyyyy too many sit-up crunches...) but I'm already up and about – not taking any long walks or strenous work, of course.

For a more factual piece on what to expect of your hysterectomy, see this entry.

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