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Merry Cjristmas, and try to keep your hopes up.

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paulh, hiding under my bed

Hi, Awix

I never intended to use my computer as a substitute for watching movies or television, but that is indeed what has happened.

Giant space monsters are not to my taste. Sorry about that. In cold weathert, I probably wouldn't go to a cinema even if it was open, with movies I wanted to see.

But my local classical raido station has a streaming service, and I sometimes can hear upto ninety minutes of a special piece that I've wanted to hear for the longest time. No video, but glorious sound!

And the last few nights I have been looking for full-length Christmas concerts on Youtube. being from past rears, they tend to be free. I can select a music video (p[entatonix Christmas albums, for instance, or Julien Neel, barbershop carols) and get both sound and video in a pleasant combo. I've even watched a free showing of the film "Guys and dolls" (I like most of the actors, and I was trying to asses Frank Sinatra's current status as an actor. The jury is still out on that for me. He didn't convince me with the role of Nathan Detroit, but he wasn't horribly miscast either.) It wasn't that long that my brother titted me for not moving with the times.

So, maybe it's inevitable that film reviews will become something that online readers can check out online as well. If I sound like someone wo would be scandalized if I had heard my current words a few years ago, well, that's life.

Now I have

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Merry Cjristmas, and try to keep your hopes up.

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