Vienna 1880 - 12 Kaffeekränzchen

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After lunch Georg immediately returned to the café where he checked that everything was in order for the arrival of Frau Doktor Müller. Herr Rucziczka was already in position at a table from where he had a good view on the whole room. He was busy reading his post, which had been delivered to him at the café.

Frau Doktor Müller arrived at the café with her adult daughters Theresia and Henriette. They sat down at the most prominent table in the room. Then, one by one several other women entered the café. They all arranged themselves on tables around Frau Doktor Müller. They all wore colorful dresses and on their hats they had arranged flowers or feathers. It was almost like they turned part of the café into an exotic garden full of chattering birds.

The ladies were served coffee and tea and Frau Doktor Müller – as usual – ordered a hot chocolate. Baiser and pastries were welcomed with much delight, but their arrival did not interrupt the sharing of news. Every now and then two women would switch places to spread anything important at all the tables.

Herr Rucziczka had already taken out his book and took notes. Frau Quidemus' husband had a textile factory which he wanted to expand but then building in the city got more and more expensive so he thought about moving out to the villages – as many others did. Frau Seidl told about her maid, who got pregnant and therefore would have to leave the house soon. She hadto find a new maid soon, otherwise who would do the work? There was also much talk about childrn and grandchildren. Frau Eppinger's husband owned some land outside of the city. She had a long talk with Frau Quidemus.

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