Vienna 1880 - 11 The tin tiger

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Maria already had a large pot boiling on the oven. Elisabeth opened the lid and poked the beef. It was almost done. Next to it there was a smaller pot containing swedes and a pan of potatoes. Maria was just about to pull a large chunk of dough on the kitchen table. Elisabeth proceeded to help her pull the dough until the pattern of the cloth beneath it was visible. Then they spread a filling of veal lung and onions on it before carefully rolling the dough with the help of the cloth. Maria then put the Strudel into the hot oven.

While waiting for lunch to be finished, Michael played with his toy train for which he built a station with wooden building blocks. He also had a few tin people which served as passengers. There was even a dog... and a tiger, which was one of the last remaining animals of a small zoo set Michael had once got from an older cousin who was not interested in it anymore. The animals caused quite some chaos in the train station which made it necessary for Michael to go and search for the zookeeper in his toy box. He would have to go and catch the tiger so everyone could go and get on the train. A lady with a large hat had already fled up to the roof of the station.

Georg arrived at the apartment half an hour later, just in time for lunch. Most of he family was gathered around the table on which a large bunch of lilacs spread a wonderful perfume. The warm rays of the sun were shining through the windows, brightly illuminating the room. Michael had finally solved his tiger problem and rushed to join his family at the table.

The strudel was served cut into slices as filling ingredient of the broth, which was created by boiling the meat. The beef itself was the main course together with roast potatoes and swedes in creamy sauce. And then – as a small surprise – Maria had fried some elder blossoms in batter. The children were delighted.

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