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Posted: 21st September 2020

h2g2's Happy Face

A dromedary, smiling at the camera, by DG.

This dromedary isn't bothered. Not even if you call him a camel. He just wants to say hi, and get you to feed him. This week, our contributors want to feed your curiosity, your sense of humour, and your imagination. Let 'em. You don't even have to put a quarter in the slot to make the goodies come out.

Let us tell you about some of the treats in this issue:
Sunflowers by DG.
  • From South Africa, Willem weighs in with some Himalayan quail. The UK sends us badgers and sheep. In Austria, Tavaron's family are hand-rearing baby birds. Up in Scotland, Paigetheoracle is still spotting crabs. In short, nature keeps waving to the cameras and saying, 'Hey! Dummy! Over here! Stop looking at your phone.'
  • Freewayriding has an inspiring photoessay on how corn (maize) gets from those little seed pots to your dinner table. Look and learn. You'll understand the satisfaction of farming.
  • Observers observe nature: the remarkable sight of a seedhead. A shore bird. A critter smaller than a 50p piece. A praying mantis among the greenery.
  • Other observers observe human activity: memories for sale or rent. Unusual signage. Lingering traces of the past. It's all part of September's remembering. (Remember to send yours in.)
  • Puzzled demons, spooky goings-on, and humour liven our pages.
  • Awix has some home cinema, while I talk about the pictures in our heads. The picture quiz may leave you with a picture in your head you can't get rid of.
  • Video to chuckle over.
Share and enjoy, as usual. Give the contributors some positive feedback. Send more Stuff, so we can do it again. And have a great week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: There's nothing like the sight and smell of fresh grown juicy red apples.... I remember a YouTube link to some octopus hunters playing ping pong in 1847.....

– Freewayriding

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Himalayan Quail

Himalayan Quail by Willem.



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