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Posted: 17th August 2020

Mystery, Awe and Wonder
(plus giggles)

View from Plane by Randy

Taking the wide view: we really need to during this summer of confusion. What with the pandemic and the weather and the people, sometimes it makes our heads spin, and not in a good way. Speaking of weather and other unwelcome phenomena, the US state of North Carolina reported in one week tornados, a hurricane, and an earthquake. Somebody pointed out that at least they hadn't had locusts. So it goes, and we're trying to roll with the punches.

Sticking close to home and trying to stay cheerful, many of us are working on our mindfulness. We offer the picture above as a meditation aid. Our friend Randy took it while he was flying out to Yellowstone National Park. He saw some wonderful sights there, which he'll be sharing with us in upcoming issues of the Post.

This week, we've got lots of bugs and flowers and unusual sights and such, plus some giggles and thoughts for you. Let's give you a rundown.
Deep Thought
  • Last week marked the end of a nine-year writing series. If you didn't notice, nobody's blaming you. Freewayriding did notice, which accounts for this week's guest writing column by h2g2's own favourite super-antihero, the multi-talentless zombie, Henry Letterbox. Be sure to read his 'Writing Wrongly' column. Leave the same kinds of comments you always did for 'Writing Right'. See where that gets you.
  • I'm out of the writing-advice business and into the opinionated columnist trade. See the first think-piece in this issue under 'Deep Thought'. It's about mashing buttons (I'll explain).
  • The bees are humming. They may not know the words, but they sure know the tune. Superfrenchie has gathered some up. I set one to music.
  • More nature: an unknown bug. An unknown flower. An unknown…goat? Oh, why not? Help us identify the wild stuff. Also: Phred Firecloud is back with an update on the anhingas in his backyard. Amazing things await.
  • The other Fred, Factoid by trade, has unearthed some volunteer folk art.
  • Willem has a pelican and an ongoing story, Bluebottle is heating up the plot, I'm making jokes (I swear that's what they are), and Awix is back from the cinema with more news. Photos need commenting, and a quiz needs guessing. Get to work.
Send more Stuff! Give me something to look at besides the groundhog in my backyard.. And have a good week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week:   If you were on a spaceship and it began overheating, would you be worried? Because... you are on a spaceship and it is overheating. Just thought you should know.

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Pink-Backed Pelican

Pink-Backed Pelican by Willem



Mystery Bug and Flower

Mystery Bug and Flower by Superfrenchie


Artichokes and Bees
Artichokes and Bees by Superfrenchie

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