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Posted: 10th August 2020

Bugs'n'Slugs Issue

Frog by SashaQ
Where'er he dwells, he dwells alone,

Except himself has chattels none,

Well satisfied to be his own

                     Whole treasure.

'The Snail', William Cowper

I told the Core Team I was going to do this, after they phonedumped me all the slug and snail photos. 'You just wait,' I said. 'We're going to have a grand bugs-'n'-slugs issue.' And we are. It's all part of our observational exercise called 'Nature Takes a Break'. With people running around less, there's more room for plants and animals, from the tiniest to the biggest. As frustrating, saddening, and worrisome as the current crisis is, staying out of the way of nature's self-healing is a helpful byproduct.

The ancient Mosaic law prescribed such breaks from human activity and intense land use. They were called 'jubilee years'. There's a poem in this issue, called 'Jubilee'. Now you know why.

Besides our unusual photography, we've got lots to show you this week. Come and see:
Slug by SashaQ
  • Birds: Willem shows us a pelican. The birds in the Post Office backyard voice their displeasure. A bird with attitude struts his stuff.
  • Cats: They're sleeping. They invite snark.
  • Bugs: That stag beetle's boyfriend is here, and he's mad. A dung beetle shows off, as do the lightning bugs of Pennsylvania.
  • Slugs (and snails): With and without houses, these guys are kind of amazing.
  • Occasional Human Activity: Paigetheoracle found a time machine in a Scottish display window.
  • Fiction: Don't miss the exciting conclusion to Reefgirl's serial. 'It's in the Cards' that you'll enjoy it.
  • Music: Well, sort of. Freewayriding's sideways antihero, the indescribable Henry Letterbox, is now a rock god. Yes, there's a story. Worse, there's video.
  • Awix has boldly ventured into the cinema. Find out what he saw there.
  • Humour and things to caption and things to guess at. Ongoing stories, and a feature that says farewell. Check it all out.
Send us your Stuff! You may inspire a theme issue. And have a good week!

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Quote of the Week:   'Just a come-on from the horse

On Seventh Avenue...

Mondegreen seen on Twitter (with drawing of horse)

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Nature Gets a Break

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Dmitri Gheorgheni

Great White Pelican

Great White Pelican by Willem



Meeting Notes

Slugs Meeting by SashaQ


Letterbox Rox!
Flaming' Crumpet by FWR


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