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Posted: 25th May 2020

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mystery Seedlings by FWRMystery Seedlings by FWRMystery Seedlings by FWR

Those pictures? Oh, yeah, We have a tale to tell about those pictures, and we need your help. When Freewayriding gets into something – be it photography, or biking, or having nocturnal hallucinations, or whatever – he goes all out. He is constitutionally incapable of doing anything moderately. Which explains these photos.

You see, he's gone into home gardening. Lockdown, recovering from Covid-19, you get the idea.

He sculpted, landscaped, and generally terraformed his garden until it could take several prizes in the garden show, all at once. In different categories. I believe there are whole ecosystems in there. (You can see some pictures in this issue.) And, of course, he wanted to grow some veg. So…

The nitwit started seedlings in all of these containers, and labelled them in pen, and then watered them and erased all the labels…

When we stopped laughing, we promised to help. Please, plant experts: see if you can help FWR identify his plants. Maybe he'll mail you a carrot, or something.

This whole issue is as mad as that story. Spring has well and truly broken out, friends, even in western Pennsylvania. The bunnies are hopping, the seedlings growing mysteriously, the birds crowding the bird feeder, the hummingbirds humming…we love it!
Gator in Water by Phred Firecloud
Here are some of this week's highlights:
  • Take a virtual boat ride through the Everglades with Phred Firecloud. Join Willem for a time travel trip to visit a Cladosictis. Admire photographic glimpses of sky, water, gardens. Look at a tapir in a new way. Enjoy some nature-related videos.
  • Laugh at the humour. Try the quiz. Join in the discussions of cinema and television writing. Caption the cats. Catch up with your favourite comics and cartoons.
  • Appreciate Sasha's heavy metal video. You can't say we don't offer variety.
  • Learn a new recipe from an old source. The Truman Library, dedicated to former US president Harry S, has generously shared its historic jello recipe, a favourite with the man who famously declared, 'The buck stops here.' (Apparently, so did the cream cheese.)
  • Appreciate what people are doing at home, from photographing their lava lamp at an unusual angle to getting really creative with their gardens to engineering supersonic cows.

Next Monday starts a new month, June, in case you've lost count. The June Create theme is all about encountering nature where you are. In next week's issue, we're all about the birds. You will not believe all the birds. If you have some, or insects, or flowers, animals, more garden stuff, send it in. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay snarky!

PS Happy Towel Day! Remember to show your towel some love. Give it a bath, and take it out to the garden or balcony with you. Let it wave to the people.

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Create May 2020 by Freewayriding
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Dmitri Gheorgheni

Everglades Boat Ride

Spoonbill by Phred.



Zen Garden

Zen Garden by FWR


Empty Street
Empty Street by bobstafford
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  • Merrily the bees are humming.


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