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Posted: 4th May 2020

Daffodils by DG
They flash upon that inward eye

Which is the bliss of solitude...

William Wordsworth

We need to use our inward eyes a lot these days, I'm thinking. Especially those of us who can't get out much due to the pandemic restrictions. We need to use our imaginations to remember the things we most like to look at. That's what Wordsworth meant by 'that inward eye which is the bliss of solitude.' If you can't be in the country, you can take it with you in memory. Or, as another poet said, 'I'm going to Carolina in my mind.'

Of course, Wordsworth didn't have the device you're reading right now. He couldn't store digital pics of his daffodils. We can, and we can share them with each other, which is what the Post contributors have done again this week. You, too, can help cheer up the stricken planet. Point your device out the window, or snap a photo of what you see on your exercise walk. Send it to us and we'll do the rest.
Cardinal in Snow by DG
Yes, we know it's getting serious all over. People are dying. There's nothing funny about that. There's pain, and suffering, and loss everywhere. There's confusion and hurt. It's easy to say 'we're all in this together', but while some people are complaining about being stuck in the house with the kids and the dog, others are struggling for breath, or working ungodly hours to help the rest of us survive. We need to keep this in mind as we go.

That being said, we can comfort one another. We can distract ourselves a bit from the worry of it all, not by pretending it's normal, but by being what we always are: abnormal. In the best possible way, of course. Here's a sample of what we mean:
  • In this issue, you will find some very odd pictures. Please note: none of them are photoshopped beyond exposure correction. Unless it was hand-drawn, everything you see here existed someplace. Now tell us this isn't a weird planet.
  • The hand-drawn and -montaged stuff is intended to be weird. Also funny. Please laugh. The humour fairies will give us credit, and our jokes will get better. (Promise.)
  • The artiness of the black-and-white stuff has reached new heights in this issue. Please come and discuss the arcana in suitably posh tones. Sometimes we scare ourselves.
  • There are videos. One has nice spring flowers. The other one has an alligator. Yes, you will want to watch the alligator first. Thanks as usual to Phred Firecloud.
  • Awix and I both have thoughts on what you might watch at home, cinemawise. Awix, of course, is a cinema expert: he suggests a Western. It goes without saying that my suggestions are more likely to mess with your head.

In spite of the worldwide emergency, our people are noticing things. Some, like Superfrenchie, are achieving personal milestones. Go exploring in these pages. Leave comments, start or join conversations. Stay safe, stay home if you can, wash your hands often, preferably to a catchy song, and send more Stuff! The h2g2 Post wishes you all the best of possible weeks out there.

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Perfect Blue Sky by DG

Poem of the Week:
A Benediction in Blue

There is a benediction

In the clear, clean blue.

I doubt

The London skies

Have been

Cleaner in

A millennium.

I imagine your Sunday sky,

Sweet and bright too.

I hope it is so for you.

Robbie Stamp

Create May 2020 by Freewayriding
May Create Challenge:
If I Could
Share Your Thoughts

Dmitri Gheorgheni


Thyacosmilus by Willem



Look Up

Speckly Freckly by Cactuscafe


Bridge to Nowhere
Bridge to Nowhere by Caiman Raptor Elk

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