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I looked up bell bollards and found they're made that way to deflect the tyres of heavy goods vehicles. This is a rather boring reason.smiley - sadface I'd fancied something more romantic.

More interesting is the shadow of the observer -Cactuscafe herself, perhaps?

Bell bollard

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heheh the shadow is me.

There are a few bell bollards in Brighton. They look rather good close up. You don't believe me? heheh. This one is in Rottingdean.

What is most interesting is that I didn't take this photo in black and white....

So congrats to Post Ed ? smiley - thepost who has secretly collaborated here to make it look very monochrome posh indeed! Thanks Mister!

Bell bollard

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

smiley - zen Anytime.

Bell bollard

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Caiman raptor elk - Yes, but what if the box is REALLY big?

That could have been my shadow, if light wasn't as fast as it is. I was there, walking the South Downs way. (OK it would have to be really slow light, as that was probably 28-ish years ago)

Come to think of it, this Post issue has a lot of Easter Egg researchers (bobstafford mirrored in the window, SashaQ visible behind the roses, this shadow…)
I'll check if I can find some more.

Can we start to call these things Bellards, or is that too close to billiards? (try to hit two bollards with one car in one go...)

Bell bollard

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SashaQ - happysad

That is a fascinating photo with all the shadows, and the angles and curves - excellent choice for black and white indeed smiley - ok

“Come to think of it, this Post issue has a lot of Easter Egg researchers”

smiley - laugh Yes! smiley - magic

Bell bollard

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I must now go on an Easter Egg Researcher hunt. smiley - rofl

Bellards. smiley - rofl I like it.

Imagine if that was your shadow, Caiman, when you were there, 28 years ago. That would be an interesting story. Like, a photo gets sort of frozen in time, and comes out way later.

Bell bollard

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Thanks Sasha! Dmitri made it black and white, so it was a double act.

Bell bollard

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Caiman raptor elk - Yes, but what if the box is REALLY big?

I will go and see my old scrapbook. Maybe I have captured myself there and then. (small chance, with analog photograpy, where photos still cost money with every attempt).

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