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We reckon Prof Animal Chaos is right on-topic with his take on strangers in a familiar land. When you've talked to him, you know what it would be like talking to someone from outer space.

Alien Logic

Actor Ronnie Barker dressed up as an alien.

Aliens – Seen one? Kidnapped by one? Or just kidding?

We all (I suppose?) have read/seen or heard about aliens visiting us etc. Most aliens mentioned as such, of being seen by us or by 'alien abductions' and other 'visions' and 'encounters' have been of the one's they call 'greys'. As in depicted in films, alien conspiracy programs and many other media formats etc etc. But! In all the various one's I've seen, I haven't actually 'seen/read' some certain questions being asked or answered?

Like! What could the climate be on their own planet/s be like, to produce a grey skin texture?

There must be a 'sun' that their planet orbits?

To provide some form of warmth etc, as in NO sun equals no heat, so life as 'we' know it couldn't exist because of the:

–273.15 degrees Celsius (- 459.67 degrees Fahrenheit), and it's the lowest possible temperature that can ever be achieved, according to the laws of physics as we know them. (in space)

On 'our' planet due to its orbit around our sun we have climate zones, where over time, skin colours adapt to protect 'our' bodies from harmful rays etc .


Err! Sexual orientational?

All pictures etc depict the 'Greys' has having no visible signs of any genitalia etc, so do they have male/female species?

Or does sci-fi and genetics come into the equation? (open subject)

Going back to their climate? Once again, the 'greys' are depicted as having no cloths/apparel on? Are they 'nudists' or just showing off, as we're hard guys! In our planetary system.

Humans on the other-hand, grow more body hair in colder climates than warmer ones etc.

Here's another one – Most 'alien' images, show hands that have fingers but no opposable thumb?

Just to have fingers would near on impossible to manipulate any form of basically anything?

So any alien life-form would need something like an opposable digit to perform most tasks of invention etc, let alone to 'make' a spaceship and all the electronics needed to allow it to be able to travel millions of miles through space etc.

When 'we' see or read etc about aliens visiting us, the most notable issue is? That they never speak and use 'thought transference'?

So! With all the various languages on 'our' planet, how is it That aliens are SO fluent in all languages ? When 'contacting us'?

A slight directional change of the compass – When WE humans travel abroad, from our own country to another, more often than not, we have to have some form of inoculation/s against contracting any form of infection/s that might be 'around' in the place we're visiting.

Yet! The aliens that 'visit' us, seem to have total immunity to any form of bacterial infection that abounds our world.

(Re: War of the Worlds) Oops! They caught a cold.

I have an open mind on 'have we been visited and still are' or nope! Not yet, but we're open for business.

Because, if I was an alien (answers on a pinhead) and have the superior intelligence and technology to get here undetected etc, WHY would I want to land?

When all the major lifeforms on this planet just want to kill each other.

I'd actually stay far away from your solar system and just monitor you, as you seem to destroy anything just for the sake of it, either for power/money/I want what you have/greed/land etc etc etc…

Also! Apart from wanting to learn about lower lifeforms in the galaxy? Why would aliens want to travel great distances through space to 'research us'?

We! Have nothing to offer the 'universe' as long as 'we're' still killing each other off over religion/greed/power/and all the other 'vices' of mankind.

One planet! One dominate life-form on it! We've the same red blood!

BUT! Yet can't live as one!

Aliens are laughing their socks off at us!

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