Voluntary Dog: Meet Scrappy-Doo

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Voluntary Dog: Meet Scrappy-Doo

Voluntary Dog by Dmitri Gheorgheni

Meet Scrappy-Doo. He's come to live with the Hoggetts because somebody didn't want him. This is hard to believe, because Scrappy-Doo is incredibly winsome. He has that hypnotic gaze, you know? The kind that says, 'Forget all those cats. You want to pet me. You want to let me into the house, no matter what Mrs Hoggett says. You want me to lie in front of the fire so that you can scratch my ears some more.'

There's some explanation about the name, but it eludes me, as I'm not much of a cartoon fan. Scrappy-Doo showed up shortly before Petey died. I suspect there's a benevolent force out there that knows when people (and other dogs, like Micah) will be especially sad at losing a beloved friend, and sends them another one to love as a consolation. Scrappy-Doo is our voluntary dog this week.

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