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Posted: 13th January 2020

Look Up, Look Down, Look All Around

Upright Piano Obviously not when you're supposed to be playing the piano, unless you're Lord Vinheteiro. But the rest of you can certainly look around: the Post contributors have been doing just that. Their observations of the planet we're all studying make fascinating viewing and reading, so dig in.


In this issue, you'll find:
  • Lovely things from nature, such as Willem's carmine bee-eater and the vista Robbie Stamp found himself looking at. We have visits from the Obligatory Cat and Voluntary Dog. Paigetheoracle finds natural wonder in a ditch. Freewayriding looks at gulls in a new way. See what you think about all this, and let us know.
  • Interesting doings by people, with and without their animal friends: from laying pipe in the ocean to selling doggie ice cream. People go boating (the hard way), rename a school, bring in the Russian New Year, and forget jokes. (That one's for the Prof, he knows why.)
  • Arty photos, funny comics and cartoons, thoughtful fiction by FWR, and musings on the literary sins of Wilkie Collins by me. I'd debate him, but we haven't got the company tardis calibrated yet.
  • Oh, and Awix watched 'Little Women'. Let that sink in for a minute. Find out what he thought of it.

Please read and comment. Remember to send us Stuff. This place runs on imagination! Have a great week!

Quote of the Week:   Doctors used to consider a desire for travel to be an illness, and labeled it ‘dromomania’ or 'pathological tourism'.

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