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Posted: 16th December 2019

…that round the table go…

Holiday Table by Dmitri Gheorgheni

MARKETING GIRL: When you have been in marketing as long as I have, you’ll know that before any new product can be developed, it has to be properly researched. I mean yes, yes we’ve got to find out what people want from fire, I mean how do they relate to it, the image –

FORD: Oh, stick it up your nose.

MARKETING GIRL: Yes which is precisely the sort of thing we need to know, I mean do people want fire that can be fitted nasally.

Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

This quote from Douglas Adams is insightful, which is why, unfortunately, it occurred to me at an inappropriate moment recently, causing me to smother a snork lest the speaker be interrupted. It had just occurred to me that in modern life, everyone seems intent on setting our mental agendas for us. They want to ask the questions, and they want to answer them for us, too. Here at h2g2, we are determined not to let that happen. We will ask our own questions, durnit.
  • Questions like, 'What's a leveret?' Willem's got that one. Just the other day, Elektra asked me what a baby rabbit was called, and I said, 'A baby bunny?' At least now we know the answer for hares.
  • Questions like, 'Where do santas hang out?' The other day, John Oliver warned us about the dangers of Santacon in Hoboken, New Jersey. We're glad to see that Robbie Stamp spotted some peaceful ones on the South Bank.
  • Questions like, 'How many cats can we get in a Post issue?' We haven't found the answer yet, but there are some interesting kittehs this week, including a video. Not to be outdone, we also have dogs.
  • Questions like, 'What would happen if the Isle of Wight turned into the Old West?' Bluebottle has consented to show us. Also, there is a lot of very funny Stuff in here that you won't want to miss.
  • Questions like, 'What the heck is glamping?' Okay, FWR didn't answer that one. But he made me want to look it up. And wish I hadn't. But you'll enjoy his story about the bikers, and the other one about the ghost, and Paige's one about the nutty professor. We've got your fireside reading here.
  • Questions like, 'Is this movie seriously 'festive'?' Awix has answers. He may also be the only critic on the planet to work the word 'Uzi' into a review of a Christmas rom-com.
  • A final question might be, 'Can black-and-white photography get any more artistic?' We're trying. We're also challenging FWR to come up with new things to say about my cute animal pics.

Okay, you've got the idea. We're entertaining, and we're not the same as all that other junk you read on the internet. Each one of these photos, videos, and articles has been vetted to within an inch of its life to ensure that there is no misinformation in our pages. What's that you say? Okay, there may be very little actual information, but at least we're not lying to you.

Please read, comment, and send more Stuff! You can find time in between wrapping presents and heating eggnog.

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