Create Challenge, December 2019: Great Expectations and Massive Let-Downs

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Create Challenge, December 2019: Great Expectations and Massive Let-Downs

December 2019 Create Challenge
My expectations were reduced to zero when I was 21. Everything since then has been a bonus.

– Stephen W. Hawking

We've all been disappointed from time to time. We've all expected something to be better than it actually was, whether it was believing that your burger would be as good as the picture on the menu board, or perhaps saving up for a vacation only to find the hotel was dreadful!

This month we invite you to share your experiences of great expectations and/or massive let-downs.

Are you constantly looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses, or are you resigned to anticipating the worst to avoid disappointment?

We'd like to hear your stories. The expectation of a first date perhaps, meeting up with people you've only spoken to online maybe, what were your expectations, and did the outcome live up to your expectations?

Have you taken a photograph and been surprised by an unexpectedly fantastic result, or have you totally missed the main subject because you left the lens cap on?

Have you been pulling your hair out over a shoddy product and been disappointed with the standard 'we value your custom but can't help' response, or have you been thrilled by excellent customer service that you weren't expecting? (We're not naming and shaming here, folks – please don't include company names, etc!)

Maybe you have low expectations and are constantly delighted with the little things in life? Can positive thinking affect an outcome?


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