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Very fine and informative review

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paulh, vaccinated against the Omigod Variant

Thank you, Awix.

When I went to see "Shazam," I just sat back and had fun. If it seemed to be spoofing superheros, that would hardly be a bad thing. (I liked "Deadpool" for the same reason.)

We live in a world in which governments are big, companies are big, and even houses and cars seem to keep getting bigger and bigger. People, by comparison, pretty much remain the same size as before, with the result that it's easy to feel small by comparison. Superheros are not a bad solution, artificial though they may be. Lucky Superman, when things get to him he can just fly away to his fortress of solitude. Shazam Captain Marvel has his own special place he can go when he wants to be by himself. Billy Batson has this wonderful thing he can do, something that makes up for the crap he's had to take all his life. I fund myself alternately rooting for him and envying the way he can knock heads together even as he remained cheerful.

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Very fine and informative review

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Hey there Awix, I liked your review - and the movie as well. I went to saw it last week. Over here in Polokwane, South Africa, we have only a couple of cinemas. I go to the small one in the local shopping mall. There are four theatres and often a movie only is seen by one or two people. There were about ten or twelve seeing this one, and it was fun, the whole theatre cheered towards the end when the other superheroes turned up (I don't want to spoil the ending for anyone reading here who hasn't seen it …)

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