A Nutty Ballet

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A Nutty Ballet

Photo of Vaslav Nijinsky.
Last night I saw 'Sleeping Nutcracker Lake,'

A creepy ballet – or was it a fake?

Aurora, escaping Maleficient's curse,

Tried wooing a Nutcracker, making things worse.

The Mouse King's gray minions, demented swans too,

Were squeaking and clawing, a nuclear zoo

Aurora and Nutcracker, for safety's sake,

Dived to the bottom of – guess what? – Swan Lake.

A very long breathing tube gave her some air,

But showed old Maleficient that she was there.

Aurora assumed she had left naught to chance,

Which might have true, though it was hard to dance

When ten fathoms deep, where the bottom is sticky,

And every jeté comes across as just icky

The Moon then came out. All the swans went to sleep.

The girl and the Nutcracker came up to leap

About on the bank, in true ballet fashion.

Maleficent came with her negative passion.

The mouse army came, and the swans all awoke.

The battle was fierce, and it wasn't a joke!

Maleficent's goons – flying skeletal minions

Arrived, and were slashing at swans in their pinions

By that time, this chaos was too much for me.

I jumped form my seat and attempted to flee.

I looked at the ballets I hadn't seen yet,

And thought I would try 'Rodeo and Juliet.'
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