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Posted: 22nd April 2019

Journeys End in h2g2 Meet(ing)s

A h2g2 Meet, shortly before the internet was invented. That? Oh, that's a shameless plug for the h2g2 Meet, which will be taking place this coming weekend. If you're anywhere near London, do plan to attend. Robbie Stamp will be there, along with other luminaries of the h2g2 scene. Your Post Editor will not (there's an ocean in the way), but has been helping with plans. Those plans include a quiz, we believe. There are fabulous prizes. Go. Enjoy. It isn't every day that a new media innovation turns 20….hey, wait, we might be the first one….see, we have things to brag about.

Brian's working on the tech issue.

You'll definitely want to read every bit of this week's issue in preparation for meeting some of these writers. Then you'll have more to talk about. Also, you can say things like, 'Cactuscafé, your photos are really mind-blowing!' (Which they are.)

What else is in here? Let me rummage in my notes. Oh, yeah:
No Skin Off My Nose by Paigetheoracle

  • A Euchambersia. Go find out what it is.
  • Spring flowers, landscape, and such. A lonely narcissus.
  • More unusual photography.
  • Quizzes.
  • Funnies. Lots of funnies. Watch Desideria fly about. See SashaQ get embarrassed at work. Find out why Nigel disapproves of India.
  • Street art from Reims. A kitten from Mrs Hoggett's yarn basket. Okay, a kitten in Mrs Hoggett's yarn basket. More kittens in a video. You like kittens. We like to pander.
  • Meet news. Anniversary reflections. You may be mentioned, so you'd better read it.
  • Fiction to scratch your heads over, as usual. Paigetheoracle called his story 'The Slough of Despond', which led to him further confusing the Editor when it came to pronouncing it. FWR has more flying furries. Read at night with the wind howling outside.
  • Cinema. Country music. Glasgow's in a country, right?
  • Me rambling on, also as usual.

Share and enjoy, as the robot said. Make sure your bags are packed and you know where your towels are. Have a great week and a better weekend! Send me pics!

Quote of the Week:
'Watch out for dark, rotating clouds. If you see one, take shelter immediately!'

The Storm Prediction Center of Norman, Oklahoma offering advice during last weekend's tornado watch.
Lola the Doglet in Her New Denim Coat by Dmitri Gheorgheni

Create April 2019 by Freewayriding
April Create Challenge:
You Work Where?

Dmitri Gheorgheni




  • Video
  • Kitties go for baroque.


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